Help Identify This Cat Dumper In Singapore

Via The Cat Welfare Society Facebook Page and EDMW:

This is the footage of what appears to be a large-sized Caucasian person (with a child) who drives a Mercedes Benz, dumping a cat in the bin of a local vet clinic. The cat (sterilised) was rescued 6 hours later by the clinic staff and is currently recuperating though it’s in shock. Please spread the word. Pet abandonment is a crime punishable by law. We hope that folks can help with info that will lead to the identification and apprehension of the perpetrator.

If you can identify this person, please contact The Cat Welfare Society so that appropriate action can be taken.

It is bad enough that the person committed the cruel act of pet abandonment, worse still, he/she did it in front of a little child. What kind of values do the person wish to impart to the next generation?

The fellow has been caught on three separate CCTV cameras:

Here’s an enlarged screen grab to assist in identification:

Do you know this person?
Do you know this person?

Here’s an image of the rescued cat:

The rescued cat
The rescued cat

Please help spread this identification appeal. Together, we can stop animal cruelty and move Singapore towards becoming a more animal-friendly society.

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