India Talent Show – Warriors of Goja

Don't Mess with the Gojas!
Don't Mess with the Gojas!

Incredible India never fails to amaze me!

Just watch this video by the “Warriors of Goja” and be blown away:

Don’t mess with the Zohan? I think it should be “Don’t mess with the Goja”!

The “Warriors Of Goja” blew away the audience of the Indian talent show Adhurs by chewing glass, breaking boards on each other’s bodies and smashing clay pots on their abs with axes, among other crazy feats. The group of Sikh men put on a stunning performance, beating the hell out of each other with wooden sticks, bending spears with their necks and even running over one of their teammate with a car and a motorbike.

At the end of their performance, many in the group were bleeding all over, on their faces, backs and arms. Nonetheless, they appeared nonchalant about their injuries and were still laughing and flashing victory signs like true warriors.

A female judge in the show looked horrified throughout the group’s performance while the other judges looked stunned beyond words.

According to International Business Times, the Warriors of Goja won 300,000 rupees, or about $7,500 SGD. However, they did not make it to the show’s finals.