Quan Yi Feng (权怡凤) Press Conference on 15 Months Probation Sentencing

Quan Yi Feng with her aunt, looking very happy with the sentencing (image via omy.sg)
Quan Yi Feng with her aunt, looking very happy with the sentencing (image via omy.sg)

Local television host Quan Yi Feng was sentenced to 15 months’ probation yesterday but the 37-year-old said her actions were an attempt to protect her daughter.

The Taiwan-born Quan was involved in an altercation with Mr Chan Swee Kong, a taxi driver, in June 2011.

She was charged with damaging a taxi meter, removing the receipt printer of the taxi and spilling water on it. Two other charges of kicking the right passenger door of the taxi and pushing and attempting to kick the 52 year old cabbie were also taken into consideration.

This is not the first time Quan has been involved with cases involving acts of violence in public.

Here are the first 3 parts of the press conference videos uploaded on Youtube:

The full press conference video is available on omy.sg:

权怡凤记者会上保证 今后让人吐口水也会忍 (with full press conference video)


网民猜测:权怡凤怕女儿出庭 才突愿认罪

被控恶作剧动粗 权怡凤将认罪

[Movie Review] The Inbetweeners Movie (2011)

The Inbetweeners Movie
The Inbetweeners Movie

Last Friday, thanks to the folks from GV, I caught the preview of THE INBETWEENERS MOVIE (M18), a British teen comedy film based on the multiple award-winning hit E4 sitcom of the same name, written by series creators Damon Beesley and Iain Morris and directed by Ben Palmer.

The movie follows the misadventures of a group of teenage friends on holiday in Crete after the end of their final year at school together, and currently serves as an ending to the TV series. It stars Simon Bird, Joe Thomas, James Buckley and Blake Harrison; the original cast from the TV series.

The movie is the fastest-grossing comedy in UK box office history, topping the UK and Ireland box office for 4 weeks.

Ladled with liberal doses of toilet humours and sex jokes, The Inbetweeners movie is a pretty enjoyable lad movie for those who can tolerate such rude material (there are a few scenes of full frontal penises staring straight at you). Think the movie AMERICAN PIE (1999) with a bit more class and a British accent – you get the drift.

Rachel and I enjoyed the movie enough to prompt us to hunt down all three seasons of the TV series. We are watching them now and  they are equally hilarious and fun to watch.

The Inbetweeners TV series
The Inbetweeners TV series

There is something wicked and different about British humour from the usual dose of  American humour most of us are used to for English movies and TV shows.  I cannot explain it exactly in words, but just think Jeremy Clarkson versus say Adam Sandler.

In American lad movies, even the geeks and nerds still look pretty hot or at least average-looking. In The Inbetweeners, the Brits made sure the anchor cast of boys had awful teeth, awkward expressions and full of flaws, just like real people like you and me.

Maybe that’s the beauty.

The Inbetweeners will be showing in Singapore cinemas from today. Go catch it if you enjoy lad humour. 🙂

Movie Trailer:

[Movie Review] Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol
Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

Thanks to the follks from UIP, I watched the latest Mission: Impossible movie, Ghost Protocol, at Shaw’s IMAX theatre a few weeks earlier on 14 Dec with my good friend, Mark.

Mark was the right companion to catch this action blockbuster with. He is the typical Singaporean lad who likes fast cars, the latest tech gadgets, expensive home entertainment system and of course, movies with lots of explosion, car chase sequences and sexy girls.  The latest MI movie from Tom Cruise did not disappoint in these areas.

Coupled with the superb video and audio quality in the IMAX theatre, Mark and I had the ultimate guys-night-out movie experience watching Ghost Protocol.

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol @ Shaw's IMAX theatre
Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol @ Shaw's IMAX theatre

There were very blatant BMW product placements throughout the movie. In fact, Mark observed that all the cars prominently featured in the movie were BMWs. This actually made him very happy because Mark is a fan of BMW cars and owns one himself.

For me, I was fixated on Tom Cruise being 49  years old, but still looking so freaking fit and charismatic like he was in TOP GUN (1986). Is this guy an ageless vampire?

In Ghost Protocol, you will get to see Cruise perform a sequence where his character, Ethan Hunt scales the outside of the Burj Khalifa tower, the tallest building in the world, without the use of a stunt double (remember, this dude is pushing 50!).

The movie was shot in many locations – Dubai, Prague, Moscow, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Vancouver. Hence you get to do some traveling too with your eyeballs.

If you have an all guys gathering coming up soon, be sure to catch Ghost Protocol! It is now showing in Singapore cinemas. If  you and your friends have some extra bucks to spare, go for the IMAX experience rather than the regular theatres! 🙂

Movie Trailer:

Steven Lim Intentionally Shot and Injured in Both Eyes by Confetti Rocket

Steven Lim with injured eyes (image via Steven Lim's Facebook page)
Steven Lim with injured eyes (image via Steven Lim's Facebook page)

This is sad.

No matter how much you hate a person, violence should never be the solution. You can watch this video on Steven Lim’s Facebook page to see how bad his injury is. 

Yes, Steven Lim may be deemed as disgusting and annoying to some people, but he did not commit murder, rape or any heinous crime.

His worst crime, if any, was being a bad comedian.

Holly Jean said it well on Steven Lim’s facebook wall:

“No matter what your opinion is of someone, you have no right to cause bodily harm intentionally. It is a crime, hope u (referring to Steven Lim) completed the police report and will follow up with a civil lawsuit too. His actions, if what u say is true, were completely barbaric.”

Get well soon Steven.

Kwek Jian Qiang’s Apology

Kwek Jian Qiang emailed me an apology note for publication. I like his willingness to accept criticisms and learn from his mistakes:

“Hi guys, I’ve read through your comments and what I’ll like to say here is that: you’re right. I was indeed too naive, biased and too consumed by materialism.

However, what I’ll like to say was that this article was never meant to be a personal attack against ITE students, in fact, a few of my most inspiring friends and mentors hailed from ITE and up till today, I still cheirsh them for who they are. In fact, it was a teacher who came from ITE who motivated me to keep on improving and never give up on myself.

It was due to my jealousy and materialism that in my mind, I only saw the shiny buildings and all I could do is moan of why I cannot get to enjoy studying in such facilities, I was wrong.

To give an introduction about myself, I’m not a foreigner. In fact, I come from a low middle income bordering on poor. Everyday, I only have sufficient money to buy food, my notes as well as pay for my transport, and I never had the chance to own a lot of material goods that others get to enjoy. Hence, in me bred a sense of injustice, why do people have things I didn’t have, hence leading to this incident today.

Moreover, I was also brought up in an environment where grades are everything. Since young, people around me have been telling me that only good results will get me through in life, and that ITEs represent ‘Its The End’.

With such an incorrect mentality unchecked, I had incorrect stereotypes. As such, I’ll like to sincerely apologise for any insult or anger that anyone felt regarding what I have written.

Thank you for helping me to realise my mistake, thank you for helping set my moral compass right, thank you for helping me wake up.

I will repent and not commit to such mentalities again. Please do give me a chance to do so. Lastly, I want to thank everyone who had believed in me and I’ll like to show you that I can change.”

Temasek JC Student Kwek Jian Qiang: “Our brightest students, who will become Singapore’s future leaders, should get the best facilities”

This article published in TODAY newspaper stinks of elitism:

Disparity in tertiary education facilities by Kwek Jian Qiang
04:45 AM Dec 26, 2011

Singapore has often been accorded the honour of having one of the best education systems. Our students rank high in their scores, from mathematics to other subjects. There are, though, significant disparities in the quality of learning environments.

When my grandmother visited Singapore this year, one of her most striking comments was when she saw a sparkling, shiny Institute of Technical Education (ITE) “skyscraper” campus.

Her first impression was that, in such a quality school environment, the students would be the best and brightest in Singapore. It took me a while to convince her otherwise and her look of dismay was apparent.

Indeed, a question should be raised: In a system where people are rewarded according to merit, why are our best and brightest not getting the best learning environments?

I once attended a seminar at ITE College East. The interior was like a plush hotel: Sleek floors, plush lecture theatre chairs, high-quality tables – quality exceeding that found in our polytechnics and junior colleges (JC).

From the exterior, with an Olympic-sized swimming pool and a stadium stand, it looked like it was made for the Youth Olympics.

What saddened me, though, was the graffiti on the tables and chairs. Apparently, the students do not cherish what they have. Should any JC or polytechnic student have access to such quality facilities, I have no doubt they would appreciate it better.

There is a need to equalise government spending on school facilities. Campuses such as Anderson JC’s and Victoria JC’s pale in comparison to ITE College East’s.

Our brightest students, who will become Singapore’s future leaders, should get the best facilities in order to excel and grow. We should reward according to merit.

The writer is a JC student.

” Our brightest students, who will become Singapore’s future leaders, should get the best facilities in order to excel and grow. We should reward according to merit.”

Don’t dirty meritocracy with elitism.

This argument is along the same vein of thought that only scholars can hold top Ministerial positions in Cabinet and that our Ministers must be paid the world’s highest political salaries in order to recruit the best.

上梁不正下梁歪 – If the top promotes elitism, the bottom learns too.

This elitist mindset is a social ill and it is spreading to our next generation like our dear Kwek Jian Qiang, an “elite” JC student poised to become one of “Singapore’s future leaders”.

I fear for our future.

There is nothing wrong with Kwek expressing his displeasure on the state of JCs campus facilities versus that of ITE campuses. In fact, I agree with him that MOE could have done more to ensure everyone gets the best study environment, regardless of which institution they are from.

I have an issue with the way Kwek pushed his argument. It betrays his elitist mindset.

Consider the two arguments below:

1. Dad bought a new toy for my brother. I am smarter than my brother, Dad should have bought the new toy for me first.(Elitist)

2. Dad bought a new toy for my brother. Dad should have consider buying new toys for both of us instead of just buying one for my brother. (Egalitarian)

Kwek obviously chose argument 1 over argument 2. Why? Maybe argument 2 never crossed his mind as elitism is so ingrained in many of our academically better performing students.

So what if you did well in school examinations?

Does it guarantee you success in life? Does it make you a better person?

One of Singapore’s most respected politician, Chiam See Tong did not do well for his “O” level examinations. He still became a successful lawyer and Singapore’s longest-serving opposition Member of Parliament.

Kwek Jian Qiang (images via Google Cache)
Kwek Jian Qiang (images via Google Cache)

BTW, Kwek is a JC1 student at Temasek JC as of 2011 and moving on to JC2 in 2012. Well done for bringing shame to your school, Kwek Jian Qiang. You may have deleted your photos on Facebook, but there’s Google cache.

An Update: Kwek Jian Qiang has apologised.

Steven Lim is VERY FAMOUS… Really Okay!

Real Singaporean Fans swarmed Steven Lim! (picture via StevenLim.Net)
Real Singaporean Fans swarmed Steven Lim! (picture via StevenLim.Net)

Don’t believe me?

Steven Lim has over 2,700 followers on Twitter, over 7,200 subscribers on Facebook and over 5.5 million video views of YouTube as of today.

To prove he is very famous, Steven Lim had an informal picture taking session with his fans on Christmas Day yesterday. He notified them on the impromptus event on Facebook and Twitter, just 3 hours before the meeting, but still managed to gather a sizable crowd.

Check out this video for evidence on how famous Steven Lim is:

Aspiring young online comedians like Priest Aaron Tan still has a lot to learn from this old, local grandmaster of nonsensical youtube videos and online antics. Maybe Aaron Tan can consider getting Steven Lim to become his shifu on online comedy after he is released from the Singapore Boys’ Home.

I am leaving you with a video of Steven Lim ranting on the Aaron Tan saga to end this blog post. Enjoy:


(Fyi, Steven Lim and I are not blood relations though we share the same surname. Neither did he pay me money to write this blog post)