FRID – Swedish Accupressure Mat

Something interesting was mailed to me a few weeks ago – a FRID Swedish Accupressure Mat!

FRID Swedish Accupressure Mat
FRID Swedish Accupressure Mat

It came at a perfect time.

Rachel and I swapped room with my sister when Asher came along. My sister had generously offered her room to us as it was more spacious and had room for a baby cot. However, Rachel and I could not get used to the soft mattress in our new room and were suffering from back and shoulder aches in the morning. It isn’t so bad for me; Rachel had it worse as she is still breastfeeding Asher and have to sit all day, straining her back while expressing breast milk.

We gave the mat a try and enjoyed using it very much.

The little crowns look really sharp and intimidating, but actually felt good when you lie on them.It is now a permanent item in our bedroom, shared between Rachel and I. We usually use it when we are lying down to read a book or when we are watching television.

Scary-looking sharp crowns
Scary-looking sharp crowns
The crowns are surprisingly soothing when you lie on them
The crowns are surprisingly soothing when you lie on them
Rachel taking a relaxing nap on the mat
Rachel taking a relaxing nap on the mat

You can find out more on how to use the mat and accupressure therapy via the official website.

According to the seller of the FRID mat in Singapore, the acupressure mat is a modern Swedish creation based on the traditional Asian’s “bed of nails”. The acupressure mat was said to have a great success story in Sweden – less than one year after its introduction, the acupressure mat was awarded “Christmas Gift of the Year” by the Swedish Retailers Association in 2009 and over 500,000 mats were sold in a country with a population of just 9 million.

The word “FRID” is Swedish and means peace, calm and harmony. Here are some positive health effects that FRID boasts of:

Pain relief – Reduces tired and aching muscles in most parts of the body
Relaxation – Gives you an opportunity to relax and recharge
Stress relief – Reduces everyday stress that we experience in our hectic daily lives
Increases blood circulation – Strengthens resistance to disease and promotes wellness
Release of endorphins & oxytocin – Production of the body’s own pain-relieving and happiness hormones

The Secret – The Acupressure Crown

This acupressure crown is made of 100% ABS plastic and might look scary. However, it is the 33 spikes distributed on more than 200 crowns totaling over 6,200 acupressure points that is the secret behind the amazing acupressure benefits of FRID – The Swedish Acupressure Mat.

Ernie is enjoying himself on the mat too
Ernie is enjoying himself on the mat too

The mat is available for sale online via the official website at S$89 a piece. There is a 15% discount if you purchase 2 pieces or more. Delivery is free and each mat comes with a free carry bag. 🙂

Free carry bag to bring the mat around
Free carry bag to bring the mat around

Product Specifications

Color: Lime green with white crowns
Size: 68cm x 42cm x 2.5cm
Weight: 0.5kg
Material (Textile): 100% Cotton
Material (Crowns): 100% ABS-Plastic
Material (Foam pad): Polyethane
Material (Carry bag): Nylon

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