[Movie Review] Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol
Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

Thanks to the follks from UIP, I watched the latest Mission: Impossible movie, Ghost Protocol, at Shaw’s IMAX theatre a few weeks earlier on 14 Dec with my good friend, Mark.

Mark was the right companion to catch this action blockbuster with. He is the typical Singaporean lad who likes fast cars, the latest tech gadgets, expensive home entertainment system and of course, movies with lots of explosion, car chase sequences and sexy girls.  The latest MI movie from Tom Cruise did not disappoint in these areas.

Coupled with the superb video and audio quality in the IMAX theatre, Mark and I had the ultimate guys-night-out movie experience watching Ghost Protocol.

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol @ Shaw's IMAX theatre
Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol @ Shaw's IMAX theatre

There were very blatant BMW product placements throughout the movie. In fact, Mark observed that all the cars prominently featured in the movie were BMWs. This actually made him very happy because Mark is a fan of BMW cars and owns one himself.

For me, I was fixated on Tom Cruise being 49  years old, but still looking so freaking fit and charismatic like he was in TOP GUN (1986). Is this guy an ageless vampire?

In Ghost Protocol, you will get to see Cruise perform a sequence where his character, Ethan Hunt scales the outside of the Burj Khalifa tower, the tallest building in the world, without the use of a stunt double (remember, this dude is pushing 50!).

The movie was shot in many locations – Dubai, Prague, Moscow, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Vancouver. Hence you get to do some traveling too with your eyeballs.

If you have an all guys gathering coming up soon, be sure to catch Ghost Protocol! It is now showing in Singapore cinemas. If  you and your friends have some extra bucks to spare, go for the IMAX experience rather than the regular theatres! 🙂

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