nydc @ Novena Square

After nydc hosted my friends and I for an early Christmas dinner, I returned to nydc on Christmas Eve last year for lunch.

We were in Novena Square to shop for some new clothes for our son Asher as he was going through a growth spurt. Rachel recalled there’s a nydc restaurant tucked on the top floor of Novena Square in a corner unit; perfect for a quiet lunch.

While we went through the menu, Rachel and I reminiscence that nydc was a very popular hangout place back when we were still in secondary schools and JCs in the late 90s.

We were delighted many of our old favourites on the menu were still available. I ordered a Three Amigos Cheese Baked Rice (meatballs cheese baked rice) – an item I always ordered when I visited nydc in my younger days. Between the two of us, we shared one of their mudpie. The mudpie was one of the reason I kept going back to nydc in the past. It is just as sinful and irresistible to me now.

We started with a salad to share between the two of us
We started with a salad to share between the two of us
Three Amigos Cheese Baked Rice
Three Amigos Cheese Baked Rice
Rachel ordered a salmon main
Rachel ordered a salmon main

Rachel and I had a satisfying meal at nydc Novena Square. The staff were in a festive mood and were really friendly. Food was nostalgic good and we always appreciate rare alone time like this when we leave Asher in the care of my parents or my parent-in-laws. 🙂

About nydc

nydc is a regional chain of restaurants owned by the Singapore-­‐based lifestyle conglomerate, SUTL Group, offering big city lifestyle dining experience in a dynamic and cosmopolitan place known for great mouth-­‐watering food, signature desserts, and smashing beverages.

nydc currently operates six outlets in Singapore.

nydc @ Novena Square

Address : 238 Thomson Road #03-26/27 Singapore 307683
Tel : 6358 4924
Fax : 6358 4021
Operating Hours : Mon — Sun 11.30am to 10.00pm

Website: www.nydc.com.sg/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/nydcSG


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