Who is Vijayakanth?

Vijayakanth (Tamil: விஜயகாந்த்; born 25 August 1952 as Vijayaraj Prabhakar Alagarswami) is an Indian actor and politician. He is the founder of the Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam and a Member of Legislative Assembly representing Rishivandiyam, Tamil Nadu, India.

Vijayakanth striking a macho-man pose
Vijayakanth striking a macho-man pose

As an actor, Vijayakanth was nicknamed Captain after the 1991 movie Captain Prabhakaran, his 100th film and is well-known in Kollywood for his macho-man movies.

That’s Vijayakanth’s formal bio. Informally on the Internet, he is known for his superhuman, unintentionally hilarious videos on youtube, many defying the law of physics and science.

Very unflattering movie review for Vijayakanth
Very unflattering movie review for Vijayakanth

Below are a few of his amazing videos. Watch and enjoy. 🙂

Vijayakanth uses his gravity-defying twirl attack on 12 thugs:

Vijayakanth bounces off a bullet with willpower:

Vijayakanth making a thug fly into the air by simply twirling his mustache:

Vijayakanth demonstrating his superhuman strength in one of his many epic fight scenes:

Vijayakanth teaching gangsters how to behave as a fighting university professor:

Vijayakanth hacking a computer by typing a document in Windows Media Player:

Vijayakanth giving electric current a shock instead of the other way round:

Vijayakanth using mobile phone technology to perform open heart surgery:


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