[Movie Review] POV ~Norowareta (呪われたフィルム) Film~

POV movie poster
POV movie poster

This J-Horror movie by horror movie director, Norio Tsuruta 鶴田法男 (つるた のりお), is released under the tile, POV A Cursed Film (被诅咒的影片) in Singapore and is opening in cinemas from 26 April.

Thanks to the folks at Shaw, I caught the preview screening on Monday (16 Apr) with a group of bloggers at the exclusive Shaw Preview Theatre (not open to public).

I was wondering whether the screening venue was a deliberate prank. Look at how similar it is to the movie theatre featured in the POV movie (images via Venice Jacob’s blog):

Shaw Preview Theatre on the right and the movie theatre in POV on the left
Shaw Preview Theatre on the right and the movie theatre in POV on the left

Spooky isn’t it?

The whole movie is shot with an unique video camera-style cinematography; features many short POV horror video clips; and had the lead actresses starring as themselves in a tricky plot of a reality ghost movie about the making of a reality ghost movie.


I find this a refreshing change from the typical slow-moving J-Horror movies which we are used to.

Bubblegum pop songs were used as song tracks and the two leads are dressed in super kawaii Japanese schoolgirl uniforms. These are definitely unconventional for a horror movie.

Go catch this in cinemas if you are a fan of horror movies to EXPERIENCE a “Blair Witch” style movie in Japanese (but with a proper story line and less nauseating shaky video shots)!

I am puting emphasis on the word “experience” as watching POV has a simulacrum effect where one would find it hard to discern between what was the “reality” in the movie and what was the “copied reality”. Sounds pretty confusing? You will know what I mean when you see the movie for yourself. 🙂



Mirai and Haruna are shooting a show streamed on smartphones which introduces different viewer submitted videos. That day the videos were all of paranormal phenomena, carefully selected alleged accurate accounts of haunted occurrences. In the middle of one video, the image gets interrupted, immediately turning back on to show a footage that was not in the script. The video capture an urban legend rumoured at Haruna’s school. A psychic on the show assesses that a certain demonological ritual must be performed in order to rid the school of this phenomena. The director, agents and the two girls go to the school accordingly to find there is more to the video than meets the eye…


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