[Exclusive Tickets Giveaway] Singapore Arts Festival 2012 – Our Lost Poems, 18 May to 2 June

The Singapore Arts Festival is just round the corner, with programs starting from 18 May (this Friday) and running till 2 June 2012. More details are available via the official website.

The theme for this year is “Our Lost Poems”.

This year’s theme completes the trilogy started two editions ago for the Singapore Arts Festival: Between You and Me (2010), I Want to Remember (2011), Our Lost Poems (2012).

Our Lost Poems looks at myths, legends, wandering thoughts, reflections, lost riddles and hidden stories. It is a discovery of tales and aspirations that need to be told and retold. Stories that inspire us, legends that have deep cultural roots, and riddles that reveal the secrets of the world. This coming Festival finds us at a crossroad, waiting to reaffirm our sense of place in time as we uncover refreshing facets of ourselves:

Something ancient.

Something lost.

Something hidden.

Something new.

Over 16 extraordinary days, the festival invites us to encounter a stunning array of performances that will hopefully be close to our heart.

There is a good mix of both free and ticketed events and programs, suitable for audiences of all demographics. 

Are you excited?

I am.

I will be catching three performances (Ciudades Paralelas [Parallel Cities] Hotel – Hotel Maids, [芳记] Lan Fang Chronicles and Wind Up Bird Chronicle); of which I have a pair of exclusive tickets to giveaway for these two performances:

Hotel ibis, Warsaw (Photo Credit - Marta Pruska)
Hotel ibis, Warsaw (Photo Credit – Marta Pruska)

Ciudades Paralelas [Parallel Cities] Hotel – Hotel Maids [20th May, 7.30pm]

Parallel Cities (Hotel) is one of three programmes that showcase a side of Singapore not often noticed. In Hotel, you’ll be at Ibis Novena and will get to visit several installations within the rooms of the hotel, giving you some perspective on the hotel’s hidden workers – its chambermaids. This is the first time this project has been carried out in Asia and I am very much looking forward to experiencing this performance myself!


[兰芳记] Lan Fang Chronicles [20th May, 3.30pm]

Lan Fang Chronicles explores the stories behind the little known country called Lan Fang (perhaps better known now that our Minister Chan Chun Sing has made reference to it during his election rally). It will be held at Ying Foh Kuan/Shuan Long Shan, a small ancestral hall complete with graveyard located in the midst of HDB flats at Commonwealth. There will be installation exhibitions, making for pretty interesting photo opportunities and a comparison between Singapore and this eerily similar ancestor.

Video Preview:

Are you interested in attending either of these two performances?

Here’s how you can win a pair of free tickets to either Parallel Cities Hotel or Lan Fang Chronicles:

Just tweet me on Twitter @Alvinologist or message me on Facebook @Alvinology with a short note on why you deserve to get a pair of free tickets. State which performance you would like to attend in your note. I will pick the winners by this Thurs (17 May) and announce it on this blog.

I will be watching the performances on the same day, together with the two pairs of winners. Hence we can meet up and have a quick chat on the actual day. Send in your entries now! 🙂

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