Vote for Alvinology as the Chinese Blogger for Maurice Lacroix’s The French Job

I am usually very sceptical of voting contest nowadays because of the high frequency of cheating and vote buying tactics.

There are serial contest junkies out there who make a career of winning marketing contests after contests. I kid you not. I know because I have dealt with my fair share in my line of work as an online marketing person.

Nonetheless, a friend asked me to join this contest by watch brand, Maurice Lacroix and I entered for the Chinese blogger position for fun. I love water sports and I watch beautifully designed watches. This campaign seems just right:

Thanks to the support from my Facebook friends mostly, surprisingly, I managed to lead in the Chinese blogger category for the past few weeks since I joined!

I was overjoyed… that was till a few minutes ago when I realised a certain contestant had jumped by over 10,000 votes overnight and overtook me in a few hours, out of the blue. I do not know how the person did it, but it was a shrewd move; jump voting at the very last minute so others won’t have the time to rally for votes in response.

The voting closes in a few more hours at 2359hrs, 20 May (TODAY).

I am not going to give up with a fight. Not when I have managed to come so far with the help of so many kind friends who voted for me.

If you like reading my blog and would like to help me win a trip to the South of France to support Seb “The Sub” in his deep-diving attempt, please vote for Alvinology HERE.

Thank you very much!

If I win, I promise you nothing but the best of my efforts in bringing both Chinese and English blog entries to everyone on the record-breaking attempt by Seb.

If I don’t win, it’s okay too. I tried what I could and I am very appreciative so many of you tried too to help me win this. I am loved. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Vote for Alvinology as the Chinese Blogger for Maurice Lacroix’s The French Job”

  1. Good Luck with the win. Just gave you a vote. The #2 is close, about 50 votes away from you.
    If at the last minute we see another Big jump, then it should be OBVIOUS how he/she did it..

    The winner should not be judged based on social media voting alone, but from other factors too. Else, ya, like you mentioned .. we can just “buy votes”..

    加油! 加油 !!

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