My MacBook Pro is Dead – No Updates Till the New One Arrives

My Macbook Pro has gone totally dead since last Wednesday. It had a lifespan of five years.

Initially, it booted like this occasionally about three weeks ago:

As it was still able to boot nine out of ten times, I was able to back-up everything in the Mac (phew!).

I brought it to the Apple Service Centre and the technicians told me there was nothing wrong with it after a quick check. I was informed to update my software which I promptly did so when I got home.

After the update, it became like this:

I ordered the new MacBook Pro last Thursday and am still waiting for it to arrive. Apple says it will take 5 to 7 working days…

Meanwhile, I won’t be updating this blog till the new MacBook Pro arrives.

In any case, my wife, son and I are all down with very bad cases of flu since last week. All three of us have been to the clinic twice, and nobody seem to be getting any better. We are too sick to really do anything except lie in bed and feel pissed.

It has a been a bad week.


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