Forever JC Yours Hair Couture – Look Who’s Back in Business

Remember the “Most Accomplished Hairdresser (and Photoshop Expert) in Singapore”, Jonal Chong?

He inspired a whole series of photoshopped meme pictures of him being “seen” with various celebrities.

It all started with one photoshopped picture of him with international star, Nicole Kidman, and his boastful claim to be Nicole’s exclusive stylist, among other international celebrities:

Jonal Chong and Nicole Kidman?
Jonal Chong and Nicole Kidman?

After he was exposed with being a fraud, his salon on Orchard Central closed down shortly.

It has been more than a year since.

Jonal Chong is now back with his newest salon to be launched in 2014 – Forever JC Yours Hair Couture:

Jonal Chong is back!
Jonal Chong is back!

To be honest, I think everybody should be given a second chance.

Jonal wrote a long Chinese poem on his Facebook page on his passion for hairdressing:

我就是那把我一生給了美髮界的 sc chong

Looking through his Facebook pictures, he do seems to have some real pictures styling local and regional celebrities. I wish him all the best in his new business venture and I hope he would not resort to lying about his credential any more.


11 thoughts on “Forever JC Yours Hair Couture – Look Who’s Back in Business”

  1. Agreed that jonal is a professional and he does deserve another come back. Thru his experiences and expertise, I am sure in no time he will be successful. Although his past scandal that tarnish his reputation, we as client do not agreed what paper wrote abt him. He is definitely a warm hearted and honest boss. May he be successful as before in OC.

  2. Hi
    A responsible & friendly service I ever had. After all the negative news, I was worried. But Jonal had proven that I was wrong- I received his message on his outlet at Farrer Rd! & to be able to continue with my previous package! I signed a new package as well. No doubt with his excellent skill !

  3. I had been visiting Jonal Chong Salon since shifted to Queens Road till now at Orchard Plaza . So far my husband n myself are very satisfied with their services .jonal chong is good in what he is doing .he is very good hairstylist and have good

  4. Very good hair cut. Once u have been here to cut your hair ,you won”t want to go to other places.The trust is already here .

  5. I have been Jonal’s customer for over 8 yesrs since his salon opened at Center Point. His layered cut skills on my long hair is highly commendable. I believe with his competency, he will definitely re-establish a name for himself in the hair dressing scene in Singapore.

  6. I have retake up a package with Jonal as his service is good and particularly he honors my earlier package which I had first signed. The immediate he restarted his business he emailed to inform me on the new shop location. I will continue to support him and wish you sucess

  7. I had so far received good service from Jonal. His cut is progessional n coloring is good.

  8. When I come in to this salon Jonal have given me the services that I need . He is friendly and kind . I love his hair cut and the prem he give me . After I have saw all his new in the pass and I realise the new is so unfair to him.he is good in his work because I love his work I sign on package with him . I will continue support him.

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