Ordering Pet Food from Singapore Online Store, Kohe Pets

Can you see a flashing banner of Kohe Pets on the right-hand-side of this blog?

Well, Kohe Pets offered to take care of the pet food required for my wife’s two cats, Spooky and Amber.

So far, Rachel had done an order with them via their online store smoothly. There is a wide selection of pet food available and the delivery was prompt and efficient.

Kohe Pets online store
Kohe Pets online store

Instead of having to physically go down to a pet shop to replenish the cat food supply whenever they run low, Rachel is very happy to have the online order option now and have it delivered to her doorstep!

Best of all, if you purchase above S$50 worth of products, delivery is free!

Here are the items Rachel got from her first shopping experience with Kohe Pets:

– A litter pan with lid and swing door
– Tom & Pus pine litter
– Royal Canin Health Nutrition Indoor +7 Dry Cat Food
– Fussie Cat canned wet food
– Solid Gold dry cat food

Rachel's first order from Kohe Pets
Rachel’s first order from Kohe Pets
The wet and dry cat food
The wet and dry cat food
Fussie Cat Canned Wet Food
Fussie Cat Canned Wet Food
Amber came to inspect the order and was satisfied
Amber came to inspect the order and was satisfied

The original litter pan which Rachel had wanted was out of stock, which wasn’t indicated on the website, but the customer service officer promptly called her up to offer an alternative. The goods were delivered within 24 hours and the cats were happy to inspect the loot when their stuff arrived.

Kohe Pets is not a fly-by-night operation and have been in the business for a while. Hence you need not worry about them scamming you. Check out their official website, Facebook page or blog for more information.

If you don’t have time to go to the pet supplies store to do your shopping, Kohe PetsΒ is likely to have what you need. Do check out their online store. πŸ™‚

5 thoughts on “Ordering Pet Food from Singapore Online Store, Kohe Pets”

  1. Nice snaps! Nowadays everybody have busy schedule, so online shopping is the best option for them. I have a dog and I always prefer online shopping for my dog foods because it is easy for me .

  2. Hi. Your cat seems to have some bald spots. I experienced the same thing with my cat. It all went away after I stopped feeding her ‘salty’ wet cat food (at the time i was feeding her fussie cat) and went strictly on her dry food, natural balance. Lovely lovely fur came back. Just recently tried to change to royal canin, which she loves, but those bald patches are coming back. It’s all the grain they sneak into the catfood that she is allergic To, I suspect. Anyway, thought you might like to know.

  3. Hi Lilly, thank you for the suggestion! Seeing the bald patches pains me but I had no idea what she is allergic to. I will try giving them Natural Balance after they finish the current batch of cat food. Hopefully Amber’s coat will see some improvement. Thanks again!

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