When shit hits the fan, bloggers have it just as bad as politicians

I read with amusement, this brewing saga between a girl name Yuki Ng and a blogger call Zoe Raymond. Yuki created a Facebook page alleging that Zoe was the third party who broke up the relationship between she and her fiance, Alvin Yang, causing them to call off their marriage.

I do not know any of the parties involved and frankly, it is none of my business.

However, I cannot help but compare the saga to Palmer-gate as this saga surfaced about a week after.

Michael Palmer, his wife and his adultery partner, Laura Ong all had it hard, facing intense scrutiny from the public and the media.

Zoe Raymond is not a famous person in Singapore. I do not know of her existence until this saga. Nonetheless, she is a blogger with some level of fame, having done some advertorials here and there and modelled for many blogshops.

It is scary how she is now being hounded, stalked and abused online because of this saga. Some of these people do not even know her or Yuki or even the guy Alvin.

I think Zoe is vigorously deleting negative comments from her blog, facebook and other open social media channels, but her haters are just as adamant  See these screen grabs I got from her Facebook:

Good toothpaste?
Good toothpaste?
Fairer skin?
Fairer skin?
Good restaurant?
Good restaurant?
Nice breakfast?
Nice breakfast?

Scary isn’t it?

Even the brand of toothpaste she used or the restaurant she visited are not spared.

Having a very public online profile is a scary thing.

Thinking about being a famous blogger like Xiaxue? Make sure you do not too much dirt in your closet first.

There is a saving grace though.

That is if you are able to stand up to fight back against your haters (something which Xiaxue is very good at) or simply just ignore them totally, letting time wash everything away.

Zoe did not delete any of her social media accounts, which goes to show she probably has the tenacity to survive this saga by ignoring everything.

To the haters, the sad thing is, the more you attack and bring attention to Zoe, the more web traffic she will get and the more famous she will become as a blogger. A year or two down the road, people will forget about this saga, but her web traffic stays.

Ironic isn’t it?


15 thoughts on “When shit hits the fan, bloggers have it just as bad as politicians”

  1. In the first place, has anyone managed to verify that she really broke up the relationship between Yuki and Alvin?

  2. How to verify dude? That’s why I am not taking side. But I find it ironic that the more you hate her, the more vigorously you spread her web link, the more you are helping her actually.

  3. Xiaxue can survive all her haters because she did not steal/break up relationships. And this isn’t the first time this young slut did it. Which hu li jing will say they are in the wrong?

  4. I dont understand
    Why would her web traffic stay?
    I went to her pages cos of this scandal and found nothing that would make me go back. Unless she has another scandal.
    She not even interesting or bitchy like xx

  5. It will stay because with every visit, you push up her traffic and help her Google Page Rank. At the same time, if she appears in newspapers or other mainstream media, better still, her traffic will sky rocket. You may not visit again, but some incidental traffic will still keep going back or some who landed on her blog without knowing about the saga. In the end the only one who benefited is Zoe Raymond. A lot of female bloggers in Singapore become famous this way – plastic surgery, fake blow job, quarrel with other bloggers, etc. Like I said, a few years down the road, no one remember the controversy or scandal, but the traffic is gained.

  6. Ugh. Seriously. I don’t even know about this blogger name before too..until I read it in your blog..but hey, nicely put Alvin ” People might forget about the affair saga but the web traffic stays. ” Damn True.

  7. White knights being the self-righteous judgemental people they are find a need to crusade against the evils of the world. But then again who can blame them?

  8. no, you are wrong.

    cuz the more the haters attack, the more web traffic she will get and the more ‘infamous’ she will become as a blogger

  9. after some thoughts, i really think what is portrayed online is not what it seems. After following Y’s FB for a while, I can’t help but to feel that right from the beginning, it was already a malicious intention by Y to ruin Z. Putting all the blame on her. I now find it strange that Y had never felt that she needs to take any responsibility for the break-up. If Z was a nobody, no one would care abt her problem. She actually leverage on Z’s popularity and now, raises her own. She is now a “Auntie Agony”. Z’s silence actually speaks more depth about her now. I think it’s time we netizens think again. Y may not be telling the whole truth. That slapping incident, for all you know, Z’s been framed. Oh wells….

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