Enjoy Optimal Reading Comfort with 3M’s New Polarizing Light LED6000

Do you often squint at the text you read to minimise the reflective glare your table lamp produces off your document? Or does the harsh light of the table lamp cause your eyes to feel dry and tired?

My wife and I are both avid readers and we appreciate good table lamps.

3M, a global diversified company, well-known for its innovations, recently introduced the new LED6000 Polarizing Light to the Singapore market.

Introducing the new 3M Polarizing Light LED6000
Introducing the new 3M Polarizing Light LED6000

This nifty table lamp comes in either Sleek White or Luminescent Green in Singapore and is equipped with the latest 3M trademarked “Air Guiding” Technology to reduce harmful glare and elevate reading comfort. Instead of using direct-lit LEDs, edge-lit LEDs were chosen to remove multi-shadows caused by the light source on the surface of books or working areas.

No shadow
No shadow

The lamp offers five brightness levels to suit different reading needs, while helping to save energy and cost:

Five brightness levels
Five brightness levels

The LED6000 also utilises a ventilation design to enhance heat dissipation efficiency, with ventilation holes designed on both top and base housing, taking away heat generated from the light source and ventilate out from the top housing.

Ventilation holes
Ventilation holes

Key features of the LED6000 includes:

– Anti-Glare: protects against eye strain
– Anti-Electromagnetic Interference: prevent disruptions to other devices from occuring when in operation
– Eliminate multi-shadow effect
– Cost-saving: low power consumption of 6 to 15W compared to regular lamps at 23 to 27W
– Touch Dimmer: five different brightness adjustment levels
– Flexible Adjustment: head is freely bendable in all directions

Sleek, ergonomic design
Sleek, ergonomic design

Rachel and I both prefer LEDs to traditional fluorescent tubes or light bulbs as LED technology is better fora greener and safer home. The LED light bulb takes away toxic mercury content, removes ultraviolet rays and is made less breakable. LED lights are also able to provide a constant and steady source of light that does not flicker or flash.

After using my green LED6000 for almost 3 weeks, I appreciate the brightness control and sleek, ergonomic design. I especially like it that I can fold the table lamp into a really compact form for storage and moving around:

Compact when folded
Compact when folded

My tiny flat is really space-constraint. Hence my wife and I only buy space-saving furnitures and household appliances to maximise our living areas. This lamp fits the criteria.

3M’s LED6000 will be available in Singapore from April 2013 and will retail at S$269 (w/GST) at leading retailers like Best Denki, Homefix DIY, Popular Bookstores, UrbanWrite and Prologue.

To find out more about 3M’s range of polarizing lights, check out their official website. Other than the LED6000, there are other table and floor lamps available with different prices and lighting qualities to cater to different needs.

About 3M

Introduction to 3M
Introduction to 3M

3M is a global company well-known for innovations. With over $30 billion in sales, 3M employs 84,000 people worldwide and has operations in more than 65 countries, including Singapore. For more information, visit www.3M.com or follow @3MNews on Twitter.

Trademarks of 3M include Scotch, Post-It, Scotchgard, Thinsulate, Scotch-Brite, Filtrete, Command and Vikuiti. 


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