To My Wife, Rachel Chan

On 26 October 2009, I proposed to you online with web banners. This date is special to us as we both share the same birthday.

At 5.50am on 2 February, 2010, on board Jetstar’s plane, 3K 823 at Changi Airport, Terminal 1, we were the first couple in Singapore to have our solemnisation ceremony on board an airplane.

On 12 June 2010, we held our traditional wedding banquet. From the design of the wedding card to our album photos, we customised most of the items ourselves to make it memorable.

Imitation of Carl and Ellie from the movie, Up
Imitation of Carl and Ellie from the movie, Up

At 9.39am on 21 August 2011, little Asher Lim Yu Yi (林语毅) entered into our lives.

In October last year our flat was finally completed and we moved into our own home with Asher. We also brought Asher travelling to three countries – Hong Kong, Malaysia and Taiwan. What an adventure it was for the three of us!

The three of us in Taiwan last year
The three of us in Taiwan last year

Thank you for being with me and loving me through all these milestones in our lives. Although I seldom say it and although both of us do not believe in celebrating Valentine’s Day, I still want to say I love you my dear. You have been a wonderful wife to me and a caring mother to Asher.

This post is dedicated to the woman behind – my dearest wife, Rachel Chan.

A toast to more wonderful years ahead and to growing old together. 🙂


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