Healthy Rivalry with the Healthy Lifestyle Index – participate with your friends and win great prizes!

Have you heard about the Healthy Lifestyle Index?

Check out this series of Health Rivalry videos between Mr Brown and Mr Miyagi to learn more about the Healthy Lifestyle Index:

By challenging your friends to take the test for the Healthy Lifestyle Index, you stand to win S$3,000 worth of prizes, including a staycation at Amara Sanctuary. The more friends you challenge, the higher your chance of winning. Note that both you and the friend you challenged must take the test before your referral is considered successful.

Contest closes 30 April (next Tuesday). 

Have fun and good luck on winning the prizes!

I just completed mine and got a 5/10 score. I expected to get 1/10 with my unhealthy lifestyle, but I still got a passing grade:


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