Parenting with Pampers – Part 5

This is the last part of a 5-part parenting feature with Pampers.

Together with four other parenting bloggers, I am given the chance to try out Pampers range of ultra dry diapers: Pampers Active Baby and Pampers Active Baby Pants while at the same time, share some simple parenting tips.

You can read the other parents blog posts via omy Blog Club.

In this post, I am going to review the Pampers Active Baby diaper:

Pampers Active Baby diapers
Pampers Active Baby diapers

What is so good about Pampers Active Baby diaper compared to other diaper brands? There are four main highlights:

Cow picture
Cow picture

1. Elastic sides – expands and contracts for a comfortable fit.
2. Extra-Locking Layer – helps lock away wetness to keep baby dry.
3. Soft Cottony Comfort – Soft cotton-like outer cover with great breathability.
4. Hypoallergenic Lotion with Aloe Vera Extract – Helps gently protect baby’s skin and reduces diaper rash.

Locked for a good night sleep
Locked for a good night sleep

We have been using Pampers Active Baby diapers with Asher for the past week and so far, the experience has been great.

Do give them a try the next time you are buying diapers for your child. :)


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