Are you looking for this Hello Kitty?

Are you looking for this special edition “Singing Bone Hello Kitty”?

Are you looking for this?
Are you looking for this?

Or any other Hello Kitty in the latest Fairy Tale series from McDonald’s Singapore restaurants…

Why queue?

Why fight?

Why get all worked up?

Just order straight from China where all these stuff are made.


Full set with box and packaging
Full set with box and packaging

The price is just 35 yuan (~S$7 each), even cheaper than buying directly from McDonald’s restaurants without ordering a meal. 

The ENTIRE SET is available for sale. Instead of buying from hoarders here who are exploiting collector’s pockets to make a quick buck, isn’t this a better alternative? 🙂

Hello Kitty Madness is back again. 

32 thoughts on “Are you looking for this Hello Kitty?”

  1. How much for full set to send via thru Singapore and how long is the delivery? TQ

  2. everyone knows this duh. but do you know how to order? lame.
    can it get thru customs? no domestic and international shipping costs? stop deceiving the public.
    seems like you’re just as lost as the rest.

  3. sda: before you call people lame, go check. there are agents who can buy stuff from china’s taobao. for sure can get through custom because it’s not food, perfume, or alcohol. bodoh kau.

  4. of cos. there are various agents around to help. it is definitely more worth it if more friends can come together to buy! 🙂

  5. Could I have the price for the singing bone and do you have the wisdom owl, tks

  6. LOLOL i don’t know what I’m more amused with… your article or the responses…

  7. sda must be one of the resellers pissed at losing his chance of making an easy buck.

  8. LOL there is google on how to buy from taobao. come on ppl…. STUPID is bad enough… but LAZY to google also?

  9. if your boyfriend queue overnight the kitty just for you, marry him.
    if your girlfriend force you to queue the kitty, ditch her. or just buy at inflated.
    if you dont know how to order online, google for it.
    if you dont know how to use google, go place your bid at ebay.
    if all else fails, suck thumb.

  10. i just got a friend in china to help me get one! 🙂 hope the resellers will be stuck with their orh lu lu kitties, let them collect dust

  11. Wah lau… Alvin serve you the Kitties on a plate liao and you expect him to feed it to you with a sppon? Come on man… wake up your f**king idea and do some research to find out how to ship it here before you call pple lame. You can even use DBS to pay for items bought on Taobao lor… dunno who’s the lame duck here.

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