27 Woodlands Link


27 Woodlands Link

27 Woodlands Link sounds like an ordinary address in Singapore doesn’t it?

Some people think the place is haunted and launched their own investigations.

It all started with a simple posting by missdotx:

“Heard from my dad that the owner got requested a dozen of monks to chant prayers but to no avail? Now though the area is vacant, but is surrounded by tailsman. Dont know true anot. Anybody here got info?”

The post attracted much attention and missdotx provided an update:

“I just went down to take a look. hehe~ Ya, its industrial area. Now its vacant, not for sale or anything.. Confirmed that the surrounding fence was “wrapped” one round with those type of talisman material yellow cloth. But its plain leh. My dad heard from his colleague one, that the employees there kena scared till buay tahan that’s why invited priests to chant prayers.”

Next thing you know, some of the EDMW forummers actually went down to 27 Woodlands Link to take some photos and videos. These were all taken in broad daylight, but still spooky nonetheless.

Here are some photos:

From a distance - yellow cloth surrounds the whole building
From a distance – yellow cloth surrounds the whole building
Offerings scattered on the floor
Offerings scattered on the floor
Tailsmen on the wall
Tailsmen on the wall
Close-up of the tailsmen
Close-up of the tailsmen

Here are two video links via TinyPic:



Some of the eagle-eyed forummers were able to spot the following mysterious objects in from the photos and videos:


What do think?

Anyone know the story behind 27 Woodlands Link? Or are the forummers just scaring themselves by looking too much into things?

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