Stupid Things People Ask – Youth.SG

This is a collection of some of my encounters in my previous job as the Portal Manager at Youth.SG:

1. URL

Dumbo (on the phone): Hi, is this Youth-Dot-S-G?
Me: Yes, how can I help you?
Dumbo: Hi, may I know what is the URL for Youth-Dot-S-G?
Me: …. it is Youth-Dot-S-G.
Dumbo: But what is the URL? Is it I have to type W-W-W-Dot-Youth-Dot-S-G?
Me: Yes.
Dumbo: Thank you for the help!

2. Crumpler Bag

Stylo (via email): I noticed recently that a lot of my friends are carrying this sling bag with a logo of a little man with hands raised, jumping. The bag is nice. Do you know what brand it is?
Me: I think the logo is the jumping boy for Wang Wang rice crackers. They sometime give stickers of the jumping boy with purchase of a large packet. You can check out the nearest NTUC to buy it and get the sticker to stick on a sling bag.

3. Football (I got more than a dozen similar phone calls like the one below)

Nigerian (on the phone): Hi, is this Youth-Dot-S-G?
Me: Yes.
Nigerian: Hi my name is Tom and I would like to come Singapore to play football. Can you advise me on how to get money from Youth.SG to fly me to Singapore for a trial? I am very good at football and I am 18 years old… (went on and on about his passion for football and wish to play football in Singapore)
Me: Hi, we are youth website for Singaporeans and not a football club or sports council.
Nigerian: I see. Can you connect me to someone who can help me to go to Singapore to play football?
Me: … …

Whether you are a blogger, service staff, McDonald’s restaurant manager or in any occupation whereby you have to deal with stupid people asking stupid things, you are welcome to share your stories for broadcast on this blog. Send your story to 


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