Be Part of the Singapore Story by Contributing to SG Memory Bank

The Singapore Memory Project is a nationwide movement launched in 2011 by our government to capture and document precious memories related to Singapore.


The project archives memories from Singaporeans to ensure that it lives on for future generations as part of the Singapore Story.

Recently, a SG Memory Bank Facebook App has been created so Singaporeans can easily deposit our photo memories as an album collection to the Singapore Memory Project using our existing photos on social media.

Singapore Memory Bank allows users to deposit photos from our personal collections on these following platforms:

  • Desktop
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

Photos can be uploaded in albums to represent memorable experiences that you hold dear to your heart. Albums I uploaded include:

I hope my photos can help inspire more people to contribute as well as help everyone relive your memories of the same moments in Singapore through my images.

The photos contributed will be showcased in a gallery that viewers can browse for inspiration.

As an added incentive, if you submit more than 30 photos, you stand a chance to win $200 worth of vouchers weekly.

Here are the four simple steps to submitting your Singapore Story:

Step 1
on your smartphone or computer

Step 2
Access your Facebook/Instagram accounts or upload photos from your desktop

Step 3
Select your photos and edit your captions

Step 4


  • Albums can only be created 1 at a time, but multiple photos can be uploaded.
  • Albums can be individually titled, and captions for each photo can be personalised.

I have submitted my Singapore Story and look forward to seeing yours too on SG Memory Bank. 🙂


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