Stupid Things People Ask – Tee-Shirts

Mr White via email:

I want to know whether you can have blank tee shirts for sale?

Brand ::Gildan
Size ::Adult Small
Color ::500 White and 500 Army Green
::50/50 % Cotton/Polyester
Qtys ::1000

Can you kindly let me know the total cost…

Thank you

Rely from me via email:

Hi Eddie,

Thanks for enquiring and putting faith in me to start a tee-shirt printing business.

To buy a tee-shirt printing machine plus ink, this will cost me about S$1000 (based on prices I checked online).

Tee-shirts are sold at S$20 a piece. Labour cost will be S$10,000 since I have to hire someone to do this. I will also need to rent a factory at around S$15,000.

Total cost will be (S$20 x 1000) + S$10000 + S$1000 + S$15000 = S$46,000.

Would you like to pay by cash, cheque or credit card?

Thank you.

Best regards,

Mr White’s reply via email:

I just need a Gildan blank tee shirts only can you let me know the total cost 1000 blank tee shirts of 500 White Tee Shirts and 500 Army Green Tee Shirts with shipping to the address below : ::

Me via email:

Dude… seriously?


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