Blogger slammed for calling NS a “slavery system”?

Nice headline by The New Paper (TNP) today on my two NS blog posts (On National Service and On Alex Liang):

Blogger slammed?

“While some neitizens agreed with him, most criticised him”?

I did an empirical coding of all the 415 comments (as of 8pm SGT, 9 Oct 2013) left on my two NS blog posts into four broad categories:

  1. Slammed NS
  2. Slammed Blogger
  3. Ambivalent
  4. Irrelevant

Here are the results:

Comment Type % of total comments % of total “slammed” comments
Slammed NS 249 60 77
Slammed Blogger 74 18 23
Ambivalent 27 7
Irrelevant 65 15

Should the headline be blogger slammed or NS slammed?

I will leave it to discerning readers to answer the question yourself.

If you think that I cheated or had been biased with the coding, please feel free to have a dig at the data and categorise them yourself. Feel free to share your results. Here is a link to the coding I did for everyone’s scrutiny. 

Btw, TNP did not try to contact me for this article. They just published it by picking all the most sensational quotes from my blog articles.