SCS Butter is now on Facebook

The number one local butter brand, SCS, recently launched its first ever social media platform – an official Facebook Page.

They sent me some nice little cupcakes in conjunction with the launch announcement:

Cupcakes from SCS Butter
Cupcakes from SCS Butter

I believe most of us have tasted a product or two from SCS before. Here is a picture of SCS product offerings to refresh memories:

I find it rather interesting to see such a traditional brand embrace social media. It is a sign of things to come for branding, advertising and promotions in the near future.

Why did SCS decided to do this? 

In their own words:

Over the years of changes, our loyal customers make spreading SCS butter a part of their lives. The recognition of uncompromised product quality over the years has ensured that SCS remains a favourite household brand that is trusted through generations. Now SCS would like to continue spreading the goodness of our products by reaching out to the public on its Facebook page.

Being a brand popularised by the older generations, SCS acknowledges that to stay relevant and to reach out to the more tech savvy and younger crowd, a SCS Dairy Facebook page is the natural progression to ensure the continuation of cooking and baking traditions.

“With the emergence of young entrepreneurial and aspiring chefs, we are excited to be on this platform to make sure SCS supports and continues to fuel such a passion for baking through relevant mediums” shares Nicholas Koh, Head of Marketing (Housebrand), Auric Pacific Marketing Pte Ltd.

What is the new SCS Dairy Facebook page all about?

The SCS Dairy Facebook page will be a one-stop centre that shares baking and cooking tips, easy-to-follow recipes, events information and updates, and inspirations from the online community. Expect exhilarating weekly contests and attractive prizes to be won.

SCS invites you to ‘Like’ the SCS Facebook page as it will be a one stop page for all your baking and cooking inspirations and communications.

Be prepared to cook up a storm with the SCS Facebook page!

Keep calm and carry on cooking on the SCS Dairy Facebook page.

About SCS
SCS Butter is one of the house brands under listed Auric Pacific Group Limited (APGL). It also owns popular brands such as Sunshine, Gourmet, and Buttercup. APGL also runs the Food Junction and Delifrance chains in Singapore.

Since 1905, SCS Butter has become a common fixture in kitchens around the island with its creamy, rich and buttery taste. All SCS products are produced and manufactured in Australia, and it is its dedication to delivering uncompromised premium quality that has made one of its products, SCS Butter, the No.1 trusted butter brand in Singapore.

To continue offering the goodness of premium quality diary products to consumers, SCS has gone on to successfully launch a range of other diary products such as SCS Spreadable Butter, SCS Cheese Slices, and SCS Cream Cheese.