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Durex Love Box

I received a curious brown box from Malaysia a few days ago. Usually, foreign parcels are addressed to my wife as she is the one who likes to do online shopping.

We were both equally puzzled what the box would contain and the sender was.

Upon unwrapping, here’s the surprise content:

Durex Love Box
Durex Love Box


It’s a “Durex Love Box” with S$50 worth of Durex condoms and other sex products. LOL

Anyway, thanks for the love Durex Singapore. 🙂

This reminds me of a prank which I invented during my secondary school days whereby I would “help” some of my male friends write in for free sanitary pad samples via coupon cut-outs in magazines. Imagine their horror when they open up the parcel excitedly in front of their parents….


Have you met the “Four Beauties of Lianhe Wanbao”《晚报4美》?

Here’s something funny and light-hearted to share with everyone on a Friday night – introducing, the “Four Beauties of Lianhe Wanbao”《晚报4美》:

The Four Beauties of Wanbao 晚报4美

I did not make this up hor.

Chinese evening tabloid newspaper, Lianhe Wanbao《联合晚报》recently started a lifestyle series called 《4美菜篮子》(Four Beauties’ Baskets). The daily series feature four of Wanbao’s female journalists (小雨、小晶、小欣 and 小馨), taking turn to introduce good food and shopping tips to readers.

You can read some of the articles written by the four beauties via the official Lianhe Wanbao blog.




Their Chinese profile descriptions are quite cute. Let me attempt to translate:

Big Beauty Xiao Yu is a typical gentle and generous lady who is also very understanding.

Second Beauty Xiao Xin loves K-pop and all things Korean. She can speak and write fluently in Korean and is modern and stylish.

Third Beauty Xiao Jing is nicknamed “OK Sister”. She is easy-going and is okay with everything. She will solve all your problems for you.

Fourth Beauty Xiao Xin is young and bubbly. Her youthful smile and laughter are the most radiant.