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Have you tried stir-fried Wikipedia?

Apparently, quite a few people in China have the dubious honour of trying out this exquisite dish.

There’s a restaurant in Beijing that serves this. Check out the menu below:

stir-fried wikipedia

The image below is what the actual dish looks like. It appears to be the very ordinary 宫保鸡丁 (kung pow chicken) most Chinese folks will be familiar with.

kung pow chicken

All pictures taken from Evolving Web

Hmm… I wonder if there will be pan-fried Google and FaceBook sandwiches soon?

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Veggies Artworks!

Cabbage goldfish
Picture taken from bearsandbuds

Visit HERE to see more of these amazing veggies made to look like animals. Beautiful!

I especially like the fish one above and the one with the cauliflower lambs.

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Addicted to Wall’s Moo Stick

Wall's Moo Stick

This costs between 70 to 80 cents a stick, depending on where you buy it from. It has a curvy shape and comes in vanilla milk flavour, with patches of brown chocolate splattered on it to mimic the look of a dairy cow. It is available in most convenience stores and your neighbourhood provision shops.

I find it delicious and it serves well as a cheap after meal snack. I have been eating a lot of these lately.

I had a hard time looking for a picture of the ice cream over the Internet. Apparently, Wall’s Moo Stick does not even have a product page of its own! However, I managed to dig out an old banner I did for them a few years back when the product was launched.

Go try it! It’s nice. 🙂

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DIY Ice Straw

Ice Straw

This is uber cool – and I really mean coooooool. 🙂

Saw this on BoingBoing today – a tutorial on how to make an Ice Straw using a simple Ikea ice mold. Click HERE to view the tutorial.

This is definitely a very useful invention in sweltering hot Singapore. Instead of waiting for ice cubes to cool the drinks when you plonge them into your glass of water; the water can now be cooled while you are sipping it up your straw!


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