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On Anonymous declaring “War” on Singapore PAP government

Via Yahoo! Singapore News (31 Oct 2013):

A hacker group claiming to be the notorious Anonymous collective has put up a YouTube video promising that it will declare war on the Singapore government if it does not stand down from an internet licensing framework that critics have said restricts freedom of speech.

The video, which surfaced online two days ago, was removed from YouTube just minutes after it went viral on Facebook and Twitter today with over 4,000 shares. The video, however, has been reposted on Facebook, other channels on YouTube, and various video platforms.

The message goes: “the primary objective of our invasion was to protest the implementation of the internet licensing framework by giving you a sneak peak of the state of your cyberspace if the ridiculous, communistic, oppressive and offensive framework gets implemented.”

It continues: “We have faced much larger and more secured corporations such as the FBI and the NSA. Do you think the IDA will be a problem for us? … so mark our words when we say that we Anonymous stand firm on our belief that no Government has the right to deprive their citizens the freedom of information.”

The video then called on “fellow Singaporean brothers and sisters” to start a public protest by dressing in black and red on November 5 and blacking out their Facebook profile pictures.

A day later, via Yahoo! Singapore News (1 Nov 2013):

Activist group Anonymous hacked a Singapore newspaper website Friday over Internet freedom in the city-state, where government agencies are now reportedly on alert for wider cyber attacks.

The website of the pro-government Straits Times was hacked early in the day by apparent members of the group, which is opposing recently introduced licensing rules for news websites in Singapore on censorship grounds.

The attackers, using the name “Messiah”, took over the blog of a Straits Times journalist, saying she had distorted “our words and intentions” in a report on the group’s threat a day earlier to “wage war” on the Singapore government.

“We oppose any form of Internet censorship among other things,” said a post on the journalist’s hacked blog, which is part of the newspaper’s website and has been taken offline.

The hackers urged the journalist to apologise within 48 hours “to the citizens of Singapore for trying to mislead them”.

If she fails to apologise, “then we expect her resignation”, the hacker said in the hacked account, still visible in online caches.

“If those demands are met we will be on our way. But in the event our demands are not met in the next 48 hours, we will place you in our ‘to do’ list and next time you wont (sic) be let off this easy.”

Asian media giant Singapore Press Holdings, which publishes the newspaper, said: “We have made a police report, and the police are investigating.”

Reported on AsiaOne another day later (2 Nov 2013):

Many government websites were down on Saturday since 1.30pm.

Besides, many users also complained of difficulties accessing other government ministries websites.

The list of government websites down so far:,,,, GOV.SG,,,,,,,,,,

IDA said in their Facebook page that “government websites are under planned maintenance and will be back ASAP (as soon as possible).”

Some members of the public commented on IDA’s Facebook page, noting tha the IDA’s latest update was done via a mobilephone, which was highly unusual as all its previous Facebook updates were posted from a web browser.

A user said: “Shouldn’t planned maintenance be announced in advance?”

Another user also added: “Why did you plan a maintenance on a weekend when many Singaporeans are using websites like ICA’s to renew their passports and other important government functions? Why was this not publicised much earlier given that many Singaporeans are affected. If it’s planned, why is there a need to make it ASAP?”

What is next?

Will the hackers be caught and invited to ‘lim kopi’?

In a news article published in tabloid newspaper, The New Paper, an anonymous lawyer was quoted saying that “such videos proclaiming war against the Government actually contravene the penal code, and the possible penalty is death”.


Yes, you read it correctly.

What if the hacker was a ten year old computer genius?

Death sentence too?

The string of incidents is like a movie plot with one revelation made with each passing day. The deadline was given as 5 Nov 2013. I will be watching this date.

I wonder how many people will really dress in black or red this Tuesday to support the hacker group and how many will ‘black out’ their Facebook profile picture.

I am quite ambivalent over the whole saga.

The first thought which came to my mind was whether Anonymous had hacked into NS.SG since it was launched because it sucks so much…

Jokes aside, I find it alarming that most people online seems to be on the side of the hackers. Either that or they are like me, just sitting by and enjoying the show with popcorns in hands. There is not much love for the PAP government these days.

Meanwhile, my sympathy goes out to all the folks working in the IT department of government ministries, statutory boards and government-linked corporations in Singapore. While the rest of us were enjoying our Deepavali weekend, they were probably busy buffing up their security systems to keep Singapore safe.

Why Darren Woo is Worse than Trinetta Chong

Who you support?
Who you support?

Darren Woo Hon Fai is the valedictorian this year from the Nanyang Technological University (NTU), School of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS).

He made headlines for his controversial valedictorian speech where he poked fun of his fellow graduates from the Chinese Division,  commenting that that they may not be able to understand English.

Here is a full video of his speech. Watch from the 8:00 minute mark for the highlight:

After reminding everyone to honour thy parents, Darren went on to add these hurtful words: “This is especially so for the Chinese majors who probably have not gotten what I just said in English, 所谓望子成龙,望女成凤, I can speak Mandarin too.”

Trinetta Chong, on the other hand, was a valedictorian in 2011 from my alma mater, Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, also from NTU.

At the end of her valedictorian speech, she blurted out the f-word: “We f***ing did it!”

If I am an employer, I will hire Trinetta, but not Darren.

The way I see it, one committed a slip of the tongue in her moment of excitement. Yes, she was wrong, but I can still be friend and work with someone like that. Her biggest mistake was immaturity and not watching her language for vulgarity.

The other one claimed his offending words were not in his original speech, but added on the spot to lighten the mood. To me, this shows this guy has deep-seated discriminatory issues. I cannot imagine myself being a friend with someone like this or working with him.

Potty-mouthed girl, I can accept.

Discriminating boy, I cannot accept.

Both my parents are Chinese-educated and my sister and I grew up speaking Mandarin at home. I only learn the English language when I entered primary one.

My English was not good in primary school and I have to endure the abuse of some really bad English teachers who will take every opportunity to shame and humiliate a group of us by calling us names like “Cheena Biang” and “Sons of Stinky Pau Seller” (I kid you not).

Even up to my ‘O’ levels, my English was still pretty sucky. I was always one of the top student in all my other subjects, scoring As for everything else, except English which totally pulled down my L1R5 score as English is the almighty “L1” that cannot be substituted.

It it with much perseverance that I pushed my language ability to where I am now and I am proud to say that I am effectively bilingual in both Chinese and English, written and spoken. The same goes for my wife, Rachel, who have worked in both Chinese and English newsrooms. We hope to do the same for my son, Asher.

Do you know how hard it is to be proficient in both English and Chinese in Singapore where English tend to be the more common language of use?

I am quite sure many of Darren’s schoolmates from the Chinese division in HSS will be able to speak and write fluently in both Chinese and English, while conversely, many from the other divisions, might encounter some difficulty with the Chinese language or their respective second languages.

Currently, I work in the Chinese newsroom in my day job and I admire my Chinese journalist colleagues who are able to switch easily between Chinese and English for their job requirement.

Does Darren think my Chinese newsroom colleagues cannot understand English too?

Somehow, I think many young people today hold the same attitude as Darren – that Chinese is a “low-class” language that is cool to poke fun at.

A few months earlier, a youngster emailed me to ask about my alma mater, WKWSCI and wrote in the email asking if I know the school environment was “cheena” as the person was from ACJC and was worried that she might not be able to adjust.

I replied her with a long email on how rude it was for her to presume she knows my language preference and use a derogatory word like “cheena” on someone she is seeking advice from. The person apologised profusely after that, but the damage is done.

What about you? What do you think of this whole saga?

Historic Moment in World History as God says SORRY to Kong Hee

God allegedly said this to Pastor Kong Hee: “My son, Kong, thank you. Thank you for going through this. I need you to go through this alone so that you and City Harvest Church can be the man and the ministry I call it to be. I am so sorry, but you need to go through this by yourself, to bring a change to your generation.”


History in the making.

The people who attended the City Harvest Church sermon that day were very blessed as they got to witness a historic moment in world history.

Kong Hee Fatt Choy.

27 Woodlands Link


27 Woodlands Link

27 Woodlands Link sounds like an ordinary address in Singapore doesn’t it?

Some people think the place is haunted and launched their own investigations.

It all started with a simple posting by missdotx:

“Heard from my dad that the owner got requested a dozen of monks to chant prayers but to no avail? Now though the area is vacant, but is surrounded by tailsman. Dont know true anot. Anybody here got info?”

The post attracted much attention and missdotx provided an update:

“I just went down to take a look. hehe~ Ya, its industrial area. Now its vacant, not for sale or anything.. Confirmed that the surrounding fence was “wrapped” one round with those type of talisman material yellow cloth. But its plain leh. My dad heard from his colleague one, that the employees there kena scared till buay tahan that’s why invited priests to chant prayers.”

Next thing you know, some of the EDMW forummers actually went down to 27 Woodlands Link to take some photos and videos. These were all taken in broad daylight, but still spooky nonetheless.

Here are some photos:

From a distance - yellow cloth surrounds the whole building
From a distance – yellow cloth surrounds the whole building
Offerings scattered on the floor
Offerings scattered on the floor
Tailsmen on the wall
Tailsmen on the wall
Close-up of the tailsmen
Close-up of the tailsmen

Here are two video links via TinyPic:



Some of the eagle-eyed forummers were able to spot the following mysterious objects in from the photos and videos:


What do think?

Anyone know the story behind 27 Woodlands Link? Or are the forummers just scaring themselves by looking too much into things?

Are you looking for this Hello Kitty?

Are you looking for this special edition “Singing Bone Hello Kitty”?

Are you looking for this?
Are you looking for this?

Or any other Hello Kitty in the latest Fairy Tale series from McDonald’s Singapore restaurants…

Why queue?

Why fight?

Why get all worked up?

Just order straight from China where all these stuff are made.


Full set with box and packaging
Full set with box and packaging

The price is just 35 yuan (~S$7 each), even cheaper than buying directly from McDonald’s restaurants without ordering a meal. 

The ENTIRE SET is available for sale. Instead of buying from hoarders here who are exploiting collector’s pockets to make a quick buck, isn’t this a better alternative? 🙂

Hello Kitty Madness is back again.