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Exploded iPod

exploded ipod

Someone dismantled his iPod and cast in it resin, giving it an interesting exploded view. The amazing thing is – the iPod still works! Click here to read more.

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Origami Lord of the Rings

LOTR origami

Created by origami master, Eric Joisel.

Every model created is fashioned from only ONE UNCUT SQUARE of paper. You can see more of Eric’s LOTR models HERE.

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Veggies Artworks!

Cabbage goldfish
Picture taken from bearsandbuds

Visit HERE to see more of these amazing veggies made to look like animals. Beautiful!

I especially like the fish one above and the one with the cauliflower lambs.

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S * O * U * L


Tomorrow is National Day – before we get all excited about the marching army contingents, let’s be reminded that war and soldiers are bad things. In an ideal world, they should not exist since both exist for the sole purpose of bloodshed.

In the killing field, a man has to kill his inner soul to survive. Here’s a short video I did for the Guerilla Filmmaking Challenge 2005, together with my buddy, Ding An:

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Inside-out Teddies

Bear 1 Bear 2 Bear 3

Bear 4 Bear 5Bear 6
Pictures taken from Foley Gallery

I love these photos of warped looking soft toys. They exude a certain tragic-happy feel that is inexplicable with written words.

These mangled creatures are actually teddy bears which have been turned inside-out by New York-based artist, Kent Rogowski.

To view the gallery in full, click HERE. My favourite teddy is HERE.

Said the press release on Rogowski’s photography exhibition:

In this body of work Rogowski presents a delicate and sensational series of teddy bear portraits. The bears appear different than ordinary stuffed animals. They have been turned inside out, re-stuffed and sewn back together, transforming them, creating entirely new creatures. The result of this enabled metamorphosis is a new kind of bear, sometimes grotesque or pathetic but often rather endearing. These new emblems no longer sustain the perfect image of childhood, but break apart this image into a complex picture of youth and development.

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