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2013 is not starting well for Alvinology

Pardon the irregular updates recently.

This has not been a good year for me so far.

First, I got a letter of demand from a lawyer acting on behalf of a Ms. Cecilia Sue.

I then found out I have misplaced a card case which contains my NRIC and a freshly topped up Ezlink card among a slew of other cards. That is at least S$350 down the drain…

I lost my wallet last week, but I managed to get it back.

Yesterday, someone stole my iPhone 4S which I had bought and used for barely a year. A brand new iPhone 4S or 5 without contract is going to set me back by at least S$788.

Maybe I should take this opportunity to try using another phone brand. Any kind sponsor out there?

I hope I will have better luck after ushering in the Lunar Chinese New Year.

Gong Xi Fa Cai. 

Moving House

Sorry for the lack of updates recently.

I have been busy moving house the past two weeks.

Yes, my shoebox home is finally completed after a three-year wait, thanks to Mr Mah Bow Tan when he was our Minister for National Development.

I got my keys in July and renovation was completed in mid-September. Since then, Rachel and I have been moving our stuff over bit by bit. We are thankful for the help rendered by my parents in packing and moving and also my good friend Mark who drove his truck down.

Being first-time home owners, Rachel and I are pretty clueless a lot of the time.

There is so much things to buy; so much to sort out and figure out that blogging is really right at the bottom of my to-do list for this period.

In addition, there is currently no Internet connection in my new house. Singtel says they need three weeks advance notice. I am still waiting for them to call me after signing up with them on Sunday…

Right now, Rachel and I are relying on our iPhone to get Internet connection.

That’s it for now.

Do stay tuned to this blog though. I will be updating soon on the rest of my Hong Kong Disneyland posts as well as my trip to Israel.

There are also some other travel backlogs to India, Los Angeles and other places that I never found the time to complete. I promise they will be up soon!

Let me settle into my new home cosily first. 🙂

Getting married in less than 6 hours

The exact time of my solemnisation is at 5.50am, 2 Feb, 2010. Venue – on board Jetstar’s plane, 3K 823 at Changi Airport, Terminal 1.

I have to leave my home at 3am. I am still wide awake now at almost 1am. Doubt I will get to sleep already. I hope I don’t look like a panda later.

Anyway, the focus will be on  the lady, Rachel, not me. She took leave from work to spend the whole day pampering herself at spa, hair salon, etc. She slept early too. Hence she have no excuse to look shabby. :p

Rachel and I will be staying in Shantou will our family till 6 Feb (this Sat). I wanted to clear some back log blog entries and schedule them to publish during the few days I am away. Don’t think I have time for that now, sorry.

I will update again once I am back in Singapore. If I can get hold of Internet access in Shantou, will definitely post something online.

Back to packing. 🙂

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Rat in my room!

My home sweet home is experiencing a rat infestation recently. It could be because of the other barren units, left to rot and decay by our neighbours as they moved out one after another.

The apartment where I have been living for over two decades will be torn down in a few weeks time, after a successful en-bloc sale. My family, having secured our new residence relatively late, will be one of the last to move out. Thus having to bear with all the residue crap.

At first, the rat problem didn’t bother me that much as they mostly attacked the kitchen and were not visible.

However, after my mom started hiding all food items in the kitchen cupboards, it become harder for the rats to grow fat. Hence they started to target my room (and probably my parents’ and my sister’s rooms too).

I left a fresh box of muesli bars on my bed this morning. When I got back just now at around 2am, I noticed the box was ripped open by small teeth marks. The plastic wrapper on one of the bars was also ripped open and part of the bar eaten. Gross.

Next, I saw a small, dark creature dashing from under my bed to under my computer table. The rat than ran all over in open view, instead of staying hidden. At some point, I seriously think it was staring at me defiantly with an evil grin on it’s little face.

As I wanted to get to sleep, I tried to simply ignore the rat, hoping perhaps it will be gone by the next morning when I wake up. It thought so otherwise. While I was about to shut down my laptop, it had the audacity to dash right in front of me on my bed, across my laptop screen!!!!!!!

Now I can’t sleep… am trying to trap the rat with a pathetic food basket. Wish me luck.

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NTUC going into Wet Market Business – What’s next?

When I first read a news report on how Sheng Siong Supermarket is infiltrating into the wet market business by buying five wet markets and kicking out all the small stallholders, I felt sad for the little folks, but reckon this is the well-oiled wheels of capitalism at work.

However, when I read in a follow-up news report that NTUC Fairprice appears to be doing the same; that draws a different thought in my mind altogether.

What does NTUC stands for? National Trade Union Congress isn’t it?

It’s bad enough they went into the supermarket business and practically killed off all other small provision shop operators till Sheng Siong came along. It’s bad enough that they are also selling insurances, operating chalets, owns clubs, build condomiums, etc.

Now they are even attacking the wet markets?

Please lei… leave some breathing space for homegrown small businesses. With the national trade union spreading its tentacles into every business in Singapore, one wonders why there is a dearth of entrepreneurs in Singapore.

Daily Updates (except weekends and public holidays)

Dear loyal readers,

I been kept pretty busy lately and hence the decline in regularity of the daily updates on this blog. Good blog entries with lots of photos, videos and relevant hyperlinks take time to write and I am finding it difficult to keep pace.

After some consideration, I have decided to reduce the number of updates by only posting on weekdays, excluding public holidays. This arrangement will start from this weekend.

Thank you and do continue to support my blog. 🙂

Yours sincerely,

Alvin Lim

Stranger in my own country

I haven’t been out shopping on a weekend for a long while as I do not like crowded and noisy places. On Sunday, over the Hari Raya weekend, Rachel and I decided to catch a movie at Marina Square and do some window shopping in the city hall area.

Once I stepped out of the MRT station, I feel like a tourist in a foreign land. Seriously.

The sights and sounds of the people around me – I would say only one out of ten is clearly discernible as a second generation or above, Singapore-born Singaporean (you have to be really clear and specific on the term “Singaporean” since it is so loosely used nowadays).

Singapore is a young nation state. It took the government more than 40 years to build up a sense of national identity among our multi-racial and multi-cultural citizenry. Yet in the past few years, the rapid influx of foreigners to spur economic growth has quickly eroded whatever national identity that was slowly evolving.

Uniquely Singapore? Beyond food and a series of economic-related world firsts, what else defines Singapore?

These days, I find it interesting that one actually feel a sense of homeliness when you encounter a service staff who is Singaporean – whether at posh shopping malls, your neighbour shops, uppity restaurants or hawker centres.

I am not xenophobic, but it is strange isn’t it? Aren’t we in Singapore in the first place?

Hence the first question I asked Rachel when I met her outside Raffles City: “What country am I in?”