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I Love A-Ai《我爱阿爱》

I LOVE A-AI《我爱阿爱》
I LOVE A-AI《我爱阿爱》

Thanks to the folks from The Theatre Practice (实践剧场), Rachel and I caught their latest theatre production, I Love A-Ai《我爱阿爱》at the Drama Centre Theatre last Friday.

The play is written by award-winning Hong Kong playwright Raymond To (杜国威),  who also penned the local hit musical, “If There’re Seasons…《天冷就回来》”.

Raymond Toh Interview:

I Love A-Ai premiered in Hong Kong to much popular acclaim, and after watching it, Rachel and I can clearly see why.


Essentially, the play is about the cliché, yet timeless topic, LOVE. By using the bizarre love story between a 70-year-old grandfather and his maid as a central plot device, a series of intertwining love stories involving different individuals in the family are framed in beautifully, each exploring its own definition of love.

The set is minimal, confined to the day-to-day routines in the patriarch’s old house as his children, their spouses, grandchildren and his friends come and go on different occasions. Yet that was all that was needed to tell compelling love stories, focusing on emotions and interactions between the characters, rather than glitzy set distraction.

Rachel and I were both touched by the delicate and heartwarming treatment of the various love stories in the play. We both enjoyed I Love A-Ai very much and would highly recommend it to everyone. Whether you are seeking love, found love or lost love, there should still be a story in the play which can speak to you and make you feel warm inside. 🙂


How do you price a heart? What do you make of love?

A terminally ill 70-year-old grandfather is living out his twilight years when, one day he declares his love for his caregiver, A-Ai. What’s more, she’s pregnant! His determination to marry her and father the unborn child leaves his children furious and puzzled. If he was your dad, how would you react? Would you be suspicious? Would you be angry? Or would it leave you at a loss?

Can you accept such an unusual relationship?

The old man’s actions create an uproar in his household and ignite an exploration into the infinite facets of love. Watch how this family comes to terms with the awkward affair in this heartwarming family drama, and grapples with the question of unconditional love.

I Love A-Ai《我爱阿爱》is now showing and tickets are available via SISTIC. More ticketing information is available below:

17 Mar – 3 Apr 2011
8pm (星期二至六 Tue – Sat)
3pm (星期六和日 Sat & Sun)

2 hours (including intermission)

Drama Centre Theatre

TICKET PRICE (Exclude Booking Fee)
Standard – S$56, S$46, S$36, S$26
Restricted View – S$26

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《聊斋》Liao Zhai Rocks!

Liao Zhai Rocks!
Liao Zhai Rocks!

Thanks to the folks at The Theatre Practice (实践剧场), Rachel and I caught their latest theatre production, 《聊斋》Liao Zhai Rocks! at the Drama Centre Theatre last Friday.

This production also marks The Theatre Practice’s 250th production as they celebrate their 45th anniversary this year.

45th anniversary logo
45th anniversary logo
I left a note on behalf of the omy.sg team
I left a note on behalf of the omy.sg team
Good crowd at the show
Good crowd at the show

Here’s a short synopsis of 《聊斋》Liao Zhai Rocks! from the official website:


Inspired by the colourful folk stories of Qing dynasty classic ‘The Strange Tales of Liao Zhai’, Liao Zhai Rocks! vamps up all things period and brings you into a fantastical world of captivating characters. The scholar, Sang Xiao, wins the affections of Ying Ning, a vixen spirit, only to fall for the ploy of a duplicitous ghost. But when he is poisoned and cast into the underworld, it is the vixen spirit who, driven by true love, embarks on a perilous journey to save him…

Rachel and I fell in love with last year’s 《天冷就回来》(If There’re Seasons…), produced by The Theatre Practice, with the musical talent of Liang Wern-Fook (梁文福). Hence we were really looking forward to catching this year’s Liao Zhai Rocks! which involves similar directing and producing talents, with the musical talents of composer Eric Ng (黄韵仁) and lyricist Xiaohan (小寒).

Me with the program booklet
Me with the program booklet
Rachel with some promotional standees
Rachel with some promotional standees
Together on the photo wall
Together on the photo wall
Waiting for the show to start
Waiting for the show to start

Overall, we enjoyed the stage extravagant for Liao Zhai with its colourful costumes and innovative fusing of traditional Chinese folklore with rock music. The story was simple to understand and the music was moving.

The only minor complain we have is that both of us found the male lead a little lacking in manliness. Maybe the casting was deliberate as olden days Chinese scholars should be this way, but we just could not feel the chemistry between the male lead and the two female leads, unlike in If There’re Seasons…

Still, it’s a production worth every dollar to watch. You can check out their official website or watch these trailers below if you are not convinced:

Behind the scene:

Raving Reviews of Liao Zhai Rocks!:

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《天冷就回来》If There’re Seasons

If Therere Seasons
If There're Seasons

If There’re Seasons《天冷就回来》is a home grown musical by The Theatre Practice (实践剧场) which will ends it’s run tomorrow (10 May). I watched it with Rachel two weeks ago on a Tuesday night.

Here’s a behind-the-scene video of the rehearsal:

It was a wonderful experience for us, listening again to the nostalgic xinyao (新谣) songs of Dr. Liang Wern Fook (梁文福). We enjoyed the musical so much that we bought the CD during the intermission and had been listening to it for the past few days.

The songs were cleverly woven into a narrative about Singaporeans chasing their dreams oversea, only to come back to Singapore where they belong after one big circle.

For just that one night, I paused for a moment and reflected about the wonderful things I love about this country where I am born. For that one night, I felt proud to be a Singaporean, something I had not felt in many years, irritated by the high cost of living here; the severe overcrowding; the compulsory conscription of all Singaporean-born males and the accompanying ten years of reservist; the lack of free speech and expression; the insanely hot weather; rude and kiasu Singaporeans; the list goes on.

There was a time when Singaporeans were proud of our language, heritage and culture. What happened to us now? Chinese Singaporeans who can barely speak Chinese and proud to be so; a country concerned only about economic growth and nothing else.

This musical set me thinking about Singapore much more than any extravagance National Day Parade which do not mean anything to me beyond showing off our military and economic prowess.

Go watch it if you can next year. Remember to book your tickets early. The musical had a sold-out performance last year and repeated the feat again this year. 🙂

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