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Centre PS

outside centreps

Centre Ps, which started operations in 2007, was founded by the award-winning Chef Patissier, Steven Ong and veteran luxury products marketeer/retailer Tan Kim Boon.

Tucked away in a little corner in the rustic Tiong Bahru estates, Centre PS is is very difficult to locate for a first time visitor. Rachel and I spent almost an hour walking around the estates in the blazing hot sun before we were finally greeted by the loud pink decors that don the shopfront of this little bakery.

D'Tanjung Katong

cake display

The pastry on offer include cakes, eclairs, macarons and more. I am not a fan of sweet food, but Rachel is and she was behaving like an annoying little chipmunk on helium while musing over which items to order.

In the end, we settled for a Lemon Citrus Eclair to eat on the spot and a box of macarons to takeaway:


lemon eclair

eclair close-up

We would have ordered more, but the pastries were not cheap. The eclairs cost S$5 each and a box of five assorted macarons cost S$10, about double the price of a mainstream pastry restaurant like Bakerzin. Here are pictures of Rachel going gaga over the eclair:

messy 3

The lemon is oozing!

messy 2

Caught in the act.

messy 1Getting all messy with her eclair like a baby.

Overall, I did enjoy the pastries. They are better than average, but the inconvenient location and slightly expensive prices are deterrants from me going back again. Reading the reviews on hungrygowhere, their regulars seem to be people with extreme sweet tooth who won’t be deterred by distance and price to get their sweet fix. Not really the case for me, though I can’t say the same for Rachel. 🙂

Here’s the detailed info about Centre PS if you want to check out the place:

78 Guan Chuan Street

Tel: 6220 1285

Operating Hours:
Mon-Thu: 10am – 8pm
Fri-Sat: 10am – 9pm
(Closed on Sun)

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omy.sg is ONE MONTH old!

omy.sg celebration for 5 million page views

We had a little celebration yesterday (25/10) for our one month anniversary. Our Chinese Newspaper Division big boss, Robin Hu was invited to cut our custom-made cake from Bakerzin.

Thanks to strong public support, we managed to achieve 5 million page views in one month – way ahead of the initial 3 million page views we targeted for. To thank everyone, we are giving out a XBOX 360 console to the first person who can correctly guess our exact page views figure by 31 October 2007, 2359 hrs. Click on the banner below to join NOW.

midas click

Do continue to support omy.sg! 🙂

Oh… and btw, today (26/10) is also ALVINOLOGY‘s birthday. It is also his sister’s birthday; and his girlfriend’s birthday (no kidding!). So convenient hor – can do a three-in-one birthday celebration!

Please flood my comment box with birthday wishes! I love to be loved and appreciated!

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