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Finalists for Singapore Blog Awards 2013 Unveiled!

The 190 finalists for the sixth Singapore Blog Awards have been unveiled. Voting has begun in fervour, with bloggers rallying on their own blogs and leveraging on various social media platforms to garner support.

Organised by Singapore’s leading news and entertainment portal, omy.sg, the award is presented by Panasonic this year, the second year the global brand has been fronting this exciting campaign to engage the online community.

The winners in the ten main award categories this year will stand to win a trip to the Northern Territory, Australia as well as a trophy designed by Singapore’s most expensive living artist, Tan Swie Hian.

The list of finalists saw a good mix of old and new faces in the blogging community. Some blog highlights include:

Here’s a fun video by the Ninja Girls:

Winners for the Singapore Blog Awards are determined by a combination of online voting (30%) and professional scoring (70%) by a panel of independent judges appointed by omy.sg

The theme for the event is “60s Fever”, in line with this year being the sixth year of the Singapore Blog Awards. The award ceremony will be held at the chic Shanghai Dolly club in July.

Official hashtag on Twitter and Instagram is #omysba2013. 

Voting is now open till 23 June 2013. Visit http://sgblogawards.omy.sg for more information. Voters stand to win attractive prizes like speakers from JBL.

The Singapore Blog Awards is part of a series of events branded under Social Media Fiesta (http://project.omy.sg/social-media-fiesta), an omy.sg social media initiative.

Why am I plugging this?

If you really don’t know, I am part of the organising team behind the Singapore Blog Awards since the inaugural award six years ago. 🙂

Singapore Blog Awards 2013 – Blog Your Way to a free trip to the Northern Territory, Australia!

Singapore Blog Awards 2013

Last Friday (5 April), the annual Singapore Blog Awards returned for the sixth year with more exciting events and prizes. Bloggers stand to win a trip, inclusive of air tickets and accommodation, to the Northern Territory, Australia, among other attractive prizes worth a grand total of over S$35,000. 

Organised by omy.sg (www.omy.sg), Singapore Press Holdings’ leading bilingual news and entertainment portal, and presented by Panasonic, the Singapore Blog Awards honours independent content producers who devote their time and energy to create and maintain informative and innovative blogs. 

There is a total of ten main categories, two celebrity categories and seven special categories. A complete list of award categories can be found on the official website.

This year, omy.sg introduces the “Best Microblog” award, a brand new addition to the ten main categories of Singapore Blog Awards, created to acknowledge the increasing popularity of short format blogging platforms like Twitter and Weibo.

The two celebrity categories, “Panasonic Most Popular Local Celebrity Blog/Microblog” and “Panasonic Most Popular Overseas Celebrity Blog/Microblog”, will be determined entirely by public voting.

The seven special categories are organised together with different sponsors, challenging bloggers to participate in specific blogging assignments to make the Singapore Blog Awardmore fun and engaging for everyone.

For instance, finalists in the “Panasonic Best Cooking Blog will be required to showcase their culinary flairs and those in the “Glossi Best Modelling Blog” will be required to best model and showcase Glossi eye wears. 

Other special categories include “Panasonic Best Eco-Challenge Blog”; “Panasonic Best Beauty Blog”; “Qoo10 Best Online Shopping Blog”; “Levi’s Best 501 Interpretation Blog”; and “JBL Best Pop/Music Blog”. 

Lee Kuan Fung, Head, Chinese Newspapers Division Digital Strategy, Singapore Press Holdings, said: “Blog content is diverse in nature, fusing written text, still images, as well as videos to bring about a dynamic reading experience. Leveraging on the advent of social media, bloggers are now able to propagate their content to wider and more diverse audiences. As the Singapore Blog Awards enters into the sixth year, omy.sg‘s commitment to reward and develop outstanding independent content producers remains and is more resolute than ever.”

Nomination and registration is now open till 10 May, followed by a voting and judging phase which will end in June. This year’s Singapore Blog Awards will see a series of exciting events in the months leading to the finale event in July. These include three bloggers’ workshops hosted by Panasonic, various movie previews with Shaw as well as a slew of other engaging events organised with sponsors.

The theme for this year is “60s Fever”, in line with this year being the sixth year of theSingapore Blog Awards. The award ceremony will be held at the chic Shanghai Dolly club in July.

Members of the public can log on to the official site (http://sgblogawards.omy.sg) to nominate their favourite blogs. Bloggers can also participate directly by registering themselves for the Awards.

The Singapore Blog Awards is part of a series of events branded under Social Media Fiesta (http://project.omy.sg/social-media-fiesta), an omy.sg social media initiative.

Blogging… Demystified! – A Short Interview with Youth.SG

Alvinology on Youth.SG
Alvinology on Youth.SG

It feels kind of weird seeing my interview on Youth.SG; especially so when a year and a half ago, I was the portal manager for the website which by the way, looks much more hip and happening, managed under the new tag-team of Lai Chow and Stanley.

It’s basically a short interview about blogging to plug a youth blogging contest omy is running. I will be one of the three judges. The contest is called Y Bloggist and there are more than S$12,000 worth of prizes to be won. Do take part and support if you are a blogger under 25 years old. 🙂

Anyway, here’s the full article via Youth.SG:

Blogging… Demystified!
Written by Lim Zhan Ting, on Wednesday, 25 February 2009
Published in : Culture, &*@!(%

His blog on omy.sg has garnered one million visitors since its inception twenty months ago. And Alvin Lim of Alvinology fame isn’t afraid to attribute its popularity to the tabloid news and scandals he regularly features. (Ed’s note: Some of you might recall Alvin from Youth.SG’s not-too-distant past!)

Alvin’s entries of late are eclectic in style and content, ranging from a photo-filled holiday journal chronicling his trip to Japan, to a shocking expose of two men who decided to consummate their passion right along the corridors of a HDB flat.

“Sex, sleaze and gossips do sell on the internet,” Alvin concedes. “But getting the internet traffic to your blog is another matter altogether.”

Given the proliferation of blogs in Singapore, having to differentiate from others in style and content may prove challenging for the regular blogger. Consequently, blog counters, often the most direct barometer of blog popularity, indicate dismal figures.

So what exactly is Alvin’s secret to the enduring popularity of his blog?

“It is important to make full use of photo and video elements. Thereafter, attention-grabbing content has to be combined with proper meta-tagging and consistency in updates,” he explains.

For the uninitiated, meta-tagging broadly refers to the tagging of keywords pertaining to individual blog entries that allow search engines to locate the page with greater ease.

“To me, blogging should be fun and exciting. Life is already hard. There is no need to be serious all the time. I try to post one entry daily, whenever there is a topic that interests me,” he explained.

But there are lines and moral boundaries that Alvin is careful not to cross, even as he pulls out all the stops to make his blog entertaining for his readers.

“NSFW (Not Safe for Work) entries are a no-no. I will censor images and videos accordingly. I am also not a confrontational person, so I try to avoid personal attacks or flaming posts that offend,” he said.

Indeed, there are precautions he adopts to safeguard content credibility and respectability, even for the raciest of blog entries. “I take much care in writing my blog entries in a way that does not disparage or pass unfair judgements on anybody,” says Alvin.

“And above all, plagiarism is a no-no, so I try to attribute my sources as best as I can.”

Alvin counts Yawning Bread and Mr Wang Says So among his favourite Singapore blogs. Their commentaries on social issues strike a chord with him for being “sharp, light-hearted, and able to read between the lines.”

So what does he have to say about (in)famous Singapore bloggers like Xiaxue and Maia Lee who take pride in dishing out sensationalistic content laced with personal judgements and satirical humour?

“I have nothing against blogs of any kind. The beauty of blogging allows everyone to be [the] content publisher, with the world as an audience. In this context, all blogs, sans the spam ones, are good blogs. If the content of a particular blog is not attuned to your taste, just don’t visit it.”

Above all, there is just one other blogging mantra Alvin subscribes to that restricts him from publishing exploitative content that veer on the wrong side of sensational:

“Don’t be evil.”

Alvin is one of the three judges for omy.sg’s inaugural The Ybloggist competition, which provides a platform for youngsters below 25 years old to submit themed blog entries on youth and the bountiful experiences that blogging entails. Join now and stand to win up to $12,000 worth of prizes!

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