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张震岳 [Unplugged] LIVE in Concert @ Esplanade

zhang zhen yue

Last Saturday, I paid $90 per tix to watch a show that was less enjoyable than his (FOC) school concert. WTH. Sat at the third circle, first row, 10 minutes late and didn’t feel like I missed anything at all. In fact, didn’t feel the energy of a live performance at all throughout the 2-hour concert.

A-Yue performed an exhaustive list of songs, old and new, popular and unpopular – the irregular pacing of the song sequence did nothing to liven a concert that could have been more satisfying if he had just bothered to pick up the guitar placed on stage, in front of him the whole time. Famous for being reticent – or rather, a euphemistic way of saying that he’s not a savvy performer – A-Yue truly tested the devotion of his fans and their love for his music.

The saving grace, however, was MC Hotdog‘s brief performance. I had fallen back into my cosy seat, yawning and dozing off, when this madman (in a good way) swaggered onstage, cracked lame jokes and sang rude songs. Even A-Yue seemed to warm up a bit more after MC Hotdog came on.

The problem is, I guess, that A-Yue is a tad too lonely when he’s singing by himself. Give the man some company, and he’ll be fine.

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张震岳, LIVE in NTU

A Yue singing

It felt peculiar stepping back into the university campus again last Friday at NTU to attend 张震岳‘s mini concert. The students look so young and carefree. To think I was just like any one of them two years ago. Feel so old man…

Anyway, the concert was a blast!

A Yue wide shot

张震岳 has always been one of my favourite singer/songwriter. One of the few artistes whom I will still buy all their new CD releases. Rock has always been my kind of genre and there are not many talented rock musicians in the Chinese music scene.

The mini concert was held in an auditorium in NTU and 张震岳 sang around 8 songs (if I didn’t remember wrongly). One song, 爱我别走 was an encore item. The encore did not seem staged as the guitars were packed after the previous song and they had to bring out the musical instruments again. For usual staged encores, they will leave the musical instruments on stage according to my observation. 🙂

Took a lot of pictures. Here are some of the better ones to share.

A Yue's guitar
Strumming my life with his fingers…

Gangsta A Yue
I can rap OK!

A Yue and Peifen
A Yue with YES 933 deejay, Peifen

Feng shou ba...
分手吧 分手吧,我们分手吧…

A Yue rap ok
Rapping OK

Clos up
Close-up shot

A Yue smiling
A rare smile from A Yue

Introducing Free Night - bassist
Introducing Free Night – bass guitarist

Free Night – guitarist

Free night - drummer
Free Night – drums

Audience getting high!

A Yue's guitar puck
A Yue’s guitar puck

Take picture
Take picture!

Autograph session
Autograph session

Rachel with my copy of A Yue’s autorgraphed CD

I also managed to get 张震岳’s autograph for my copy of his OK CD.

He is coming to perform next year January at the Esplanade. I am definitely going down to support. Missed his previous concert here at Hard Rock Cafe because of examinations (still was an undergraduate then), am not going to miss it again this time.

Rock on!

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