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How Silat Athlete can be crowned Singapore Sportsman of the Year by the Singapore Sports Council

Singaporean Silat athlete, Muhammad Shakir Bin Juanda was nominated by the Singapore Silat Federation for the Sportsman of the Year award this year. In December 2012, he was crowned world champion at the World Pencak Silat Championships in Chiang Rai, Thailand, after he came from behind to beat Vietnamese favourite Le Si Kien in the Class-I (85-90kg) category. He also took home the title of Best Athlete of the entire tournament.

Nonetheless, this was not good enough for the Singapore Sports Council (SSC). For the third time in the last five years, no award was handed out for the Sportsman of the Year category of the Singapore Sports Awards (SSA).

The SSA Selection Committee felt that none of the four male athletes nominated had made a significant enough achievement in 2012.  None even made it as finalists, not to mention an award recipient. Table-tennis paddler, Feng Tianwei won Sportswoman of the Year.

“The male athletes have done well, but (their results are) not in the same league as the rest,” said Chairwoman of this year’s SSA, Jessie Phua.

Singapore Silat Federation head, Sheik Alauddin, wants an apology from her. Sheik’s fury stems from the omission of the Sportsman of the Year accolade from this year’s awards.

I do not know much about silat, but to be crowned world champion, Shakir must have competed and beat many other athletes from around the world. That should account for something.

If he is the best in the world for Silat already, what else must Shakir do to be crowned Singapore Sportsman of the Year?

Well, Shakir obviously have not tried hard enough. Here are a few other opponents he can consider fighting and winning to put him on the same standard as Feng Tianwei:

1. Son Goku – not just in any mode, Shakir needs to defeat Goku in Super Saiyan mode.

2. Bruce Lee – you have to defeat the undisputed king of martial arts to be the best in silat. Find a way to travel back time and fight Bruce Lee.

3. Guan Yu – detified as the God of War by many devotees, winning this fight will be a celestial victory for Shakir.

4. The Incredible Hulk – Shakir needs to prove that he can fight against larger opponents.

5. Predator – Shakir needs more international/ intergalactic fight experience.

Defeat these five opponents first, then we talk about Singapore Sportsman of the Year. 🙂

TIME Person of the Year 2012 (Singapore edition) – The Winner is…

Earlier this month, I ran an informal poll for Alvinology.com readers to vote for who you think deserves the title for TIME Person of the Year 2012 (Singapore edition).

Note that this poll is not officially endorsed by TIME Inc.

The winner for 2011 was the Workers’ Party Aljunied GRC team. 

Who do  you think the winner for 2012 is?

I promised to disclose the poll results at 0000hrs on 1 January 2013.

Without further ado…

the winner is…




Cecilia Sue Siew Nang with 21% of the total votes:

Cecilia Sue Siew Nang - Person of the Year 2012 - Winner
Cecilia Sue Siew Nang – Person of the Year 2012 – Winner

Last minute addition, Michael Palmer did well too, coming in a close runner-up with 20% of the total votes:

Michael Palmer - Person for the Year 2012 runner-up
Michael Palmer – Person for the Year 2012 runner-up

The top two voted winners aptly round up a year of sexy news that hogged the news headlines throughout 2012.

Hopefully, we would see less of these in 2013.

Happy new year everyone! Do continue to support Alvinology.com for your daily dose of    light reading! 🙂

Singapore’s first post-independence Olympics Medal

Congratulations to our Singapore Women Table Tennis team for a group well done on Sunday. They brought Singapore out of a 48 years Olympics medal drought.

They may have lost the Gold medal to China’s team, but it was a good fight still for the silver medal.

Even though all three of them are not Singapore-born athletes, I am sure most Singaporeans are still extremely proud of their achievement when they witness our national flag being hoisted up at the prize-giving ceremony.

picture via teamsingapore.sg

Well done Team Singapore!

BTW, for more Olympics updates, do visit omy’s special Beijing Olympics microsite. If you take part in the Olympics Q&A contest on the microsite, you can even stand a chance to win a travel package to Hong Kong! 🙂

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