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2006 New Year Resolutions

2006 alvinology

Found them listed on my old blog. Let’s see how I have fared, close to two years later (I did not make any New Year resolutions in 2007 because I knew I will probably not be able to keep them).

1. Pass my IPPT (nope, nowhere close! In fact, I even had to go for remedial training twice)
2. Lose at least 5kg (nope, I think I gained 5kg instead)
3. Finish my film project The Party (nope, I have practically stopped making short films)
4. Set up webcomic Peeps (nope, I have also practically stopped drawing)
5. Master Flash (nope, I gave up on pursuing web design as a career)
6. Set up personal portfolio website (ok lah, I maintain two blogs now which are updated daily – counted? Can lah!)
7. Get a job, find my direction (yup, happily working in the web industry :))
8. Forget all the unhappy things (yup, can say I already done that)
9. Win at least one major design competition/award (nope, don’t even dare think about it anymore)
10. Be happy! (yup, I am now, thank you!)

Achieved 4/10. I need to try harder next time I list down another set of resolutions. Then again, I changed my career path lah. Hence a lot of the resolutions I made in 2006 are no longer that relevant.

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