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Bomb Hoax in Popular Singapore Forum, EDMW

A joke that is not funny at all.
A joke that is not funny at all.

Via EDMW. During uncertain times like these and in light of the recent Mumbai terrorists attack, there are still boliao people like the forummer above who thinks it is funny to joke about planting a bomb at Tampines MRT station.

From what was gathered by the other forummers, the offender is a boy who is just 15 years old and looking for a part time job now while on school holidays. Kaoz… even if too free also don’t do this type of thing to kill time lah… silly boy. I wonder if he got detained by the police as a result. Not worth it at all.

The boy should go read up about this guy call Lin Zhenghuang who pleaded guilty to one charge under the Telecommunications Act and another nine under the Computer Misuse Act last year for his role in a bomb hoax in 2005. On 7 February last year, he was sentenced to three months’ jail and fined $4,000.

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