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What would Mr. Death do on a holiday?

What would Mr Death do if he goes on a holiday?

Where would he go? Who will he be with?

Here are some possibilities:

death fishing
Maybe he is an avid angler.

death hula dancing
Perhaps he is a hula dancing fan.

Perhaps he is a sports enthusiast who loves canoeing.

death skiing
Then again, skiing may be more his cup of tea.

lonely death
Then again… he may be a simple guy who just enjoys riding a pony down the beach.

Check out Worth1000 for more interesting photoshopped pictures of Mr. Death. The images are entries submitted for their photoshop competition under the theme “Death Takes A Holiday”. Awesome!~

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Back to Work

I am back! Rather tired though… Sigh.

Thanks to the polluted air in Bangkok and insufficient rest, I am still sick.

The holiday mood is also still in the air – especially since the National Day public holiday is just a day after.

I think I am experiencing Monday Blues on a Tuesday.

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