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Collaborative Artwork with Marc Chen

My colleague and good friend, Marc, was tasked to create an illustration for one of the month for the SPH 2009 corporate calendar based on the quote below by Jack Welch:

“Celebration creates an atmosphere of recognition and positive energy”

This was not an easy job as the timeline given was very short, plus the quote kind of sounds cheesy… In any case, I did up a rough sketch below based on Marc’s concept of positive ions flying all over the place:

Below is the final artwork done by Marc. Cool stuff hor? He did magic to the magic sketch. 🙂

(Click on the images to see the enlarged views)

BTW, the last I heard from Marc, the feedback from management was to remove the mucus and the angle wings. I guess not everyone gets our kind of lame humour.

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Shaun is getting married! :)

My friend, Ee Shaun is getting married to his longtime sweetheart, Carol. Shaun is a lecturer at Republic Polytechnic, but is better known to many as an established pop art illustrator. Check out his cool website, Gardensilly.

shaun and carol's wedding

Anyway, I received an email invite card from Shaun today and it’s the nicest wedding invite I have seen for quite a while (Great work, dude)! 🙂

I am posting it up on my blog to help Shaun show off his artwork – I have also taken the liberty to edit away private information. What do you think of his design?

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Howard Hantu Concept Sketches

Drew these characters some time back based on a very cute story written by my pal, Ding An. Wondering if I should develop them further and perhaps do it up as web comic. The lead is a boy called Howard Hantu (the skull head boy) who is a misfit in the ghoul world. He made friend with a boy called Horace (the geeky boy with specs) who is a misfit in the human world. The story is about their unique friendship.

The Chinese vampire is called Ginger Jiang and the long haired girl is called Sally Sadako.

Cute or not? 🙂

Howard Hantu and Sally Sadako
Howard Hantu and Sally Sadako

Horace and Ginger Jiang
Horace and Ginger Jiang

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The Mickey Mouse Challenge

M – I – C – K – E – Y… … M – O – U – S – E … …

Mickey Mouse!

Is the Mickey Mouse Club song ringing in your head right now? Man, don’t we miss that mouse with the squeaky gay voice?

Yesterday at 72-13, while we were sitting in the audience listening to the judges drone on and on about each video entries, I got bored and challenged Leon, Ding An and Rachel to draw their renditions of Mickey Mouse.

It was a random thing we did out of boredom. However, it produced very interesting results as the artworks were very different!

Here’s a picture of Ding An getting into action and drawing on the spot.

Ding An drawing

This is Ding An’s Mickey. Looks evil right?

Ding An's Mickey

This plain-looking and unimaginative one is by Rachel. I think she was focusing too much on drawing a graphical accurate version.

Rachel's Mickey

This is Alvinology’s Mickey. I drew him manga style.

Alvinology's Mickey

Finally, here’s Leon’s masterpiece.

Leon's Mickey

Which do you like best? Do drop us a comment so we can decide who’s the winner in our Mickey Mouse Challenge! 🙂

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