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zSimplicityz: The Sakae Sushi Prankster

Leonard Zhou Anjian
Leonard Zhou Anjian

I am back. 🙂 The flickr photo issue has been fixed after a few email exchanges with the friendly staff at flickr and wordpress. More about that in another blog entry.

For now, check out the two videos below.

A boy who goes by the nickname, zSimplicityz uploaded videos of himself adding extra wasabi with his bare hands into two pieces of unagi sushi at a Sakae Sushi restaurant and returning it back to the sushi conveyor belt.

In the second video, it seems like zSimplicityz and his friends returned empty plates onto the sushi conveyor belt to avoid paying for the sushi they ate – not too sure as it was not too clear from the video.

Some netizens had left comments on his video, criticising him for his actions, but check out what he has to say in rebuttal below:

Click to Enlarge
Click to Enlarge

After the recent Indian Rojak food poisoning scare, I think this boy is either extremely dense or extremely insensitive. The forummers at EDMW have done a good job CSI-ing out his identity. If you want to know more about zSimplicityz, click HERE.

His basic profile:

Name: Leonard Zhou Anjian
email: leonardz-@hotmail.com
D.O.B: 15.04.87
Employment: Student

UPDATE: Since youtube removed the original video, here’s the link to another version of the video, edited with a cartoon music:

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