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Hong Kong Film Awards (香港金像奖) 2008

hong kong film awards

The Warlords 《投名状》, directed by Peter Chan (陈可辛) was the biggest winner this year, sweeping eight awards, including Best Movie, Best Director and Best Actor.

the warlords

Here’s the full awards listing:


提名: 《投名状》 《门徒》 《姨妈的后现代生活》 《神探》 《跟踪》


提名: 陈可辛《投名状》 尔冬升《门徒》 许鞍华《姨妈的后现代生活》 游乃海《跟踪》 杜琪峰 韦家辉《神探》

韦家辉 欧健儿《神探》

提名: 尔冬升 秦天南 龙文康 高新《门徒》 李樯《姨妈的后现代生活》 韦家辉 欧健儿《神探》 游乃海 欧健儿《跟踪》 须兰 秦天南 林爱华 黄建新 许月珍 何冀平 郭俊立 阮世生《投名状》


提名: 郭富城《C+侦探》 李连杰《投名状》 刘德华《投名状》 刘青云《神探》 任达华《跟踪》


提名: 毛舜筠《老港正传》 张静初《门徒》 斯琴高娃《姨妈的后现代生活》 刘若英《绑架》 蔡卓妍《戏王之王》


提名: 张家辉《出埃及记》 郑中基《老港正传》 古天乐《门徒》 刘德华《门徒》 周润发《姨妈的后现代生活》


提名: 莫文蔚《老港正传》 袁咏仪《门徒》 赵薇《姨妈的后现代生活》 邵音音《野·良犬》 邵美琪《跟踪》


提名: 钟嘉欣《十分爱》 谢芷彤《门徒》 文俊辉《野·良犬》 黄孝恩《围·城》 徐子珊《跟踪》


提名: 林志坚《出埃及记》 黄岳泰《投名状》 姜国民《门徒》 郑兆强《神探》 关本良 余力为《姨妈的后现代生活》


提名: 彭顺 彭正熙《C+侦探》 李栋全《投名状》 邝志良《门徒》 Tina Baz《神探》 David Richardson《跟踪》

最佳美术指导奚仲文 易振洲 黄炳耀《投名状》

提名: Anuson Pinyopotjiinee《C+侦探》 邱伟明《天堂口》 奚仲文 麦国强《门徒》 黄仁逵《围·城》 奚仲文 易振洲 黄炳耀《投名状》

最佳服装造型设计奚仲文 戴美玲 利碧君《投名状》

提名: Surasak Warakitchareon《C+侦探》 叶锦添《天堂口》 马煜轁《姨妈的后现代生活》 张世杰《神探》 奚仲文 戴美玲 利碧君《投名状》


提名: 江道海《双子神偷》 程小东《投名状》 李忠志《男儿本色》 钱嘉乐《门徒》 甄子丹《导火线》

最佳音响效果Sunit Asvinikul Nakorn Kositpaisal《投名状》

提名: Wachira Wongsaroj《C+侦探》 曾景祥《门徒》 Steve Burgess 王磊《导火线》 杜笃之 郭礼杞《战·鼓》 Sunit Asvinikul Nakorn Kositpaisal《投名状》


提名: Suchada Somasavachai《C+侦探》 吴炫辉《投名状》 文少麟《神探》 梁伟杰 马永安 梁耀丰 钟智行《宝葫芦的秘密》 Ho Siu Lun Chow Kim Hung Ching Han Wong《门徒》


提名: Payont Permsith Jadet Chawang《C+侦探》 金培达《门徒》 久石让《姨妈的后现代生活》 Andre Matthias《战·鼓》 陈光荣 金培达 Chatchai Pongprapaphan《投名状》


提名: 兄弟《兄弟》 迫得太紧《十分爱》 星光伴我心《老港正传》 流浪者之歌《明明》 问天不应《野·良犬》


提名: 郭子健《野·良犬》 游乃海《跟踪》 黄修平《魔术男》


提名: 《不能说的秘密》 《太阳照常升起》 《色·戒》 《东京铁塔:我的母亲父亲》 《落叶归根》

最具专业精神奖 ;沈殿霞

世纪成就大奖; 邹文怀

You can read more about the Hong Kong Film Awards 2008 on omy.sg:




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Lydia Sum (沈殿霞) passes away at 60

Lydia Sum, well-respected Hong Kong comedienne, passed away at around 8am on 19 Feb 2008. She lived 60 good years, spending the last two battling liver cancer.

Lydia Sum

The veteran actress had part of her liver removed in 2006 and was hospitalised in 2002 to treat a bile duct inflammation. 36 gallstones were extracted. She had been suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure as well.

According to Hong Kong media reports, Lydia was undergoing kidney dialysis and consuming expensive traditional Chinese medicine, which set her back by tens of thousands. She was in and out of St. Mary’s Hospital the past six months, with each hospitalisation period a media fest for the local paparazzi.

She was also criticised by the media for wolfing down food inappropriate for her consumption during her illness. Early last November, she ate a number of 大闸蟹 (fresh water crabs), subsequently fell into a coma and rushed to hospital. Most recently, she was warded in the intensive treatment ward at St. Mary’s.

Lydia Sum was wheeled onstage to receive the TVB Grand Award at the 40th TVB Anniversary Awards in November 2007. She had appeared to be in high spirits, dressed in a pink suit, her signature wig and plastic black-framed glasses. She gave a rousing speech when she was handed her award, saying that she would fight her sickness to the finish.

She first joined the entertainment industry at the age of 12, and proved to be a natural with the camera at her very first audition. That successful audition sealed her fate with the entertainment industry for the rest of her life.

Lydia Sum, Nov 2007
Lydia Sum at the 40th TVB Anniversary Awards in Nov 2007

Locally, audiences would not be unfamiliar with her starring role in the sitcom Living With Lydia. Her co-stars remember her as a jovial person who always put friendship even before a working relationship. Her professionalism as an actress is also beyond par. However, she was a notorious chain-smoker and voracious eater.

Lydia Sum is considered one of the most influential icons in the Hong Kong entertainment industry. She had acted in more than a hundred TV serials and hosted the popular variety show 欢乐今宵 for three seasons.

You can read more about this on omy and watch the vodcast here.

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