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Bye bye omy.sg

Today is my last day working at omy.sg.

I have been with omy.sg for close to seven years. I joined the team before it was even launched in September 2007. Click here to read through all the projects and experiences I shared with the omy.sg team.

omy.sg's first ever print ad in 2007
omy.sg’s first ever print ad in 2007

I was there when we launched our first TV commercial. Yes, we had one at the very beginning:

I was there when we launched the first Singapore Blog Awards and the first Singapore Entertainment Awards.

I was there when we hosted Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong during the launch of CLing, a Chinese learning portal, co-developed together with Business China.

I was there when we set up the omy Blog Club and developed it to what it is today with a strong, vibrant community of over 3,000 registered bloggers.

I was there when we ventured into mobile and tablet platforms, launching the Fong Fei Fei commemorative e-book and the Vice Ring Probe mobile news magazine app.

There are more exciting projects upcoming at omy.sg. We have to constantly innovate in order to survive as the industry is constantly evolving. I would love to be a part of all these, but the journey ends here for now.

I am thankful for all the opportunities given to me by my wonderful bosses at omy.sg, my supervisor, Kuan Fung, and our big boss, Chim Kang

I am thankful to all my colleagues, new and old for the great support they have given me, especially when I have to constantly trouble them with many last minute marketing projects. Janet in particular for having to support so much of my work whenever I am absent.

I am thankful to all the external partners, sponsors and advertisers I have worked with for omy.sg. Thank you for supporting us and do continue to shower your support for the omy.sg team.

It is bye bye for now as I am being transferred to market another website within the Singapore Press Holdings group.

I will still continue to watch omy.sg grow, but this time, as a blogger, as part of the omy Blog Club and as a news reader.

Adieus. 🙂

Winners for Singapore Blog Awards 2013 announced at Shanghai Dolly

It is a wrap!

After four months of campaigning, the annual Singapore Blog Awards drew to a close a few hours ago at Shanghai Dolly in Clarke Quay.

This is the sixth year omy.sg has been running this event. This also marks my seventh year in omy.sg and the sixth Singapore Blog Awards which I got to be a part of. Click here for a walk down memory lane via all the blog posts I have written about the Singapore Blog Awards since the inaugural event in 2008.

I still remember when we first ran the award six years ago, we have to set-up “internet stations” with laptops for guests to upload images or surf our site. Now, everything can be updated by many people at once on social sharing platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram via 3G or WIFI mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Amazing.

The blogging community in Singapore has evolved and grew quite a bit from the time we started the first Singapore Blog Awards and the omy Blog Club. There were bloggers who came and go, but there is also a core group who supported us through all these years. Thank you and do continue to support omy.sg.

Program booklets for Singapore Blog Awards 2013
Program booklets for Singapore Blog Awards 2013

The event this year is special for me because it will be my last at omy.sg. Adieus.

Here is the official press release from omy.sg on the results announcement:  

The winners for the Singapore Blog Awards 2013 were announced today at an awards ceremony held at Shanghai Dolly. Mr. Lawrence Wong, Acting Minister for Culture, Community and Youth and Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Communications and Information, graced the event as the Guest-of-Honour. Over 300 bloggers and guests were present to witness the awards presentation.

Minister Lawrence Wong arriving at Shanghai Dolly
Minister Lawrence Wong arriving at Shanghai Dolly

Organised by omy.sg, Singapore Press Holdings’ leading bilingual news and entertainment portal, and presented by Panasonic, the Singapore Blog Awards honours independent content producers who devote their time and energy to create and maintain informative and innovative blogs.

The winning bloggers in the ten main award categories each won a trophy designed by Mr Tan Swie Hian, the most expensive living artist in Singapore, and a trip, inclusive of air tickets and accommodation, to the Northern Territory, Australia, amongst other attractive prizes.

The ten winners for the main award categories together with the VIPs on stage
The ten winners for the main award categories together with the VIPs on stage

The theme for this year’s awards ceremony was “60’s Fever”, in line with this year being the sixth year of the Singapore Blog Awards. Many guests showed up for the awards dressed according to the theme, and had fun mingling with the various bloggers from different walks of life.

Group picture with all the winners across the 17 award categories with VIPs and sponsors
Group picture with all the winners across the 17 award categories with VIPs, judges and sponsors

In this edition of the Singapore Blog Awards, there was a total of ten main categories, two celebrity categories and seven special categories. Here is the full list of winners:

Main categories:

Panasonic Best Photography Blog:
Travelgraphy / Christina Gao

Exabytes Best Individual Blog:
Working With Grace / Grace Tan

Levi’s Best Fashion Blog:
J U S T J A S L I N | Fashion Blogger / Jaslin Tan

Nanyang Optical Best Lifestyle Blog:
Scissors Paper Stone Blog / Jasmine Koh

Best Family Blog:
Sakura Haruka / Ai Sakura

Best Food Blog:
Johor Kaki Food Guide / Tony Johor Kaki

Best Travel Blog:
蓝天白云数格子 / Sock Peng

Best What-The-Hell Blog:
俊凭|一个声音部落格 / 俊凭 Willy

Best V-Log:
ninjagirls.sg / Ninja Girls

Best Micro-Blog:
Spin or Bin Music / Spin or Bin Music

Celebrity categories:

Panasonic Most Popular Overseas Celebrity Blog/ Micro-Blog:
Alien Huang 小鬼

Panasonic Most Popular Local Celebrity Blog/ Micro-Blog:
Jeanette Aw 欧萱

Special categories:

Panasonic Best Beauty Blog:
Pinkbuble In Da House / Elrica

Ribbons, Rainbows and PixieDust / Elaine

Love is Eternal / Karen aka Renzze

Panasonic Best Cooking Blog:
Celestial Delish / Celes

Panasonic Best Eco-Challenge Blog:
The Lazy Lizard’s Tales / Ivan Kwan

Glossi Best Modelling Blog:
Love is Eternal / Karen aka Renzze

JBL Best Pop/ Music Blog:
Mint.Music / Mint Leong (1st)

Spin or Bin Music / Leo (2nd)

Levi’s Best 501 Interpretation Blog:
Claire’s Flair / Claire

Qoo10 Best Online Shopping Blog:
mitsueki’s blog / mitsueki (1st)

Youthinkicarewhatyousay? / ANdyStorm (2nd)

lukeyishandsome(dot)com / Luke Phang (3rd)

Muses 맨날 속속한 것… / jeez-jia (3rd)

Shopping Queen’s Haven / Regina Chow (3rd)

Minister Lawrence Wong interacting with the winning bloggers
Minister Lawrence Wong interacting with the winning bloggers

The winners for the Singapore Blog Awards were determined by a combination of online voting (30%) and professional scoring (70%) by a panel of independent judges appointed by omy.sg.

The ten best dressed people for Singapore Blog Awards 2013
The ten best dressed people for Singapore Blog Awards 2013

The Singapore Blog Awards is part of a series of events branded under Social Media Fiesta, an omy.sg social media initiative.

There will be more post-event coverage of the Singapore Blog Awards 2013 on omy.sg and the official website. Stay tuned to both. 🙂

Holiday Creativity with Canon PIXMA

Holiday Creativity with Canon PIXMA Workshop @ Sheraton Towers
Holiday Creativity with Canon PIXMA Workshop @ Sheraton Towers

Just before the June school holiday, Canon Singapore and omy.sg held a Holiday with Canon PIXMA Workshop on May 25 at Sheratons Towers. The workshop was fully sponsored by Canon Pixma and over 120 parents and children had a fun-filled day, discovering exciting ways to create amazing holiday craft projects with the help of the Canon PIXMA printer.

The event was hosted by two popular bloggers and children show hosts, Joanne-Marie Sim and Silver Ang. Check out this video for the event coverage from omy.sg:

Hosts Silver Ang and Joanne-Marie Sim showing off their Canon PIXMA crafts
Hosts Silver Ang and Joanne-Marie Sim showing off their Canon PIXMA crafts
Parents and their children, ready for the workshop to start
Parents and their children, ready for the workshop to start
A father with his two sons at work
A father with his two sons at work
Mother and daughter pair
Mother and daughter pair
These two are clearly having fun
These two are clearly having fun
A father with his two daughters
A father with his two daughters
Happy group shot with all the children and the two hosts
Happy group shot with all the children and the two hosts

If you have missed the workshop, fret not. Canon and omy.sg have appointed ten “craft guru” bloggers to blog and share on their workshop experience as well as their experience making their own own holiday crafts with Canon PIXMA printer.

After reading through their blog entries, remember to vote for your favourite “craft guru” and you stand to win ten Canon scrapbook kits for yourself! 

Vote for your favourite craft guru to win 10 x Canon scrapbook kits!
Vote for your favourite craft guru to win 10 x Canon scrapbook kits!

To find out more about the Canon PIXMA printer, you can visit the official Holiday Creativity with Canon PIXMA site or the official Canon PIXMA site itself.

With the haze making it hard to bring children outdoor, why not consider doing some indoor holiday crafts this June holiday? 🙂

Parenting with Pampers – Part 1

I am not exactly the best father in the world, but whatever good stuff I can impart or provide for my one and a half year old son, Asher, I will try my best to do so.

Same for my wife Rachel who switched to teaching over her journalism career in order to spend more time with Asher during his formative years.

Together with four other parenting bloggers, I am given the chance to try out Pampers range of ultra dry diapers: Pampers Active Baby and Pampers Active Baby Pants while at the same time, share some simple parenting tips.

You can read the other parents blog posts via omy Blog Club.

My first parenting post will be on potty training.

We started Asher young, from when he was less than one year old. He was taught to gesture to us if he needed to pee or pass motion.

Later on when he learned to say simple words like “niao niao (urinate)” and “put put (pass motion”, we teach him to articulate when he needs the potty. Alternatively, we may also ask him if he need to “niao niao” or “put put” and see if he shakes or nods his head.

It helps that we bought him a small portable potty that he can mount on his own.

Currently, he is trained to use the potty before and after meals; before we go out; and when we arrive home. This builds up a routine which Asher can adjust to.

He gets lazy sometime and will refuse to use the potty even when he needs it. This is where we have to be really firm with him. Rachel’s approach will be to mollycoddle him. I will just strip him and plant him on the potty.

If he can sustain a dry diaper for a whole day, we will praise him for his effort.

When we are home, we sometimes use cloth diapers, while disposable diapers like Pampers are used exclusively when we are out.

We have been using conventional sticky-tape fastening diapers mostly. With the Pampers Active Baby Pants, Rachel and I can now experiment on getting Asher to take off his own pants to use the potty. I think Asher now knows that a soiled diaper is not something desirable. A few days ago, he pinched his nose and told my mum “chou chou (smelly)” after he soiled his diaper while they were shopping at a mall. 🙂

Blogging for Leisure vs Blogging for Profit – Insights from Singapore Bloggers

We have all read horror stories of diva bloggers misbehaving, demanding fees from restaurants for positive paid reviews, bringing along many friends to eat for free at food tasting, among many other complaints. Likewise, there are positive stories of bloggers who spend considerable efforts maintaining and crafting quality entries on their blogs out of interest rather than for commercial gains.

With the advent of social media and digital media, more and more brands are looking to working with and engaging bloggers for their campaigns and publicity.

Where do bloggers strike the balance? How should brands leverage on this trend? Why not hear it from the bloggers themselves?

Me moderating a panel of bloggers
Me moderating a panel of bloggers at SPH News Centre (picture via omy.sg) 

As a prelude to the launch of the 6th Singapore Blog Awards this year in April, the team at omy.sg organised a causal sharing and networking session with a panel of prominent bloggers in Singapore. I was the moderator for the panel discussion.

Joining me in the discussion were bloggers, Daniel Ang, Peter Breitkreutz, Grace Tan and Christine Ng. 

Check out the full video recording below if you missed the event:

Personally, I think the panelist did a great job and were candid with their replies. If there were more time, we could have gone deeper into the topic and stir up more controversy.

The conclusion I draw is regardless of your motive for blogging, a common arduous task is how to grow your readers base or get yourself noticed by organisations and people that matters.

One shortcut is of course to join a blog awards (shamelessly plugging for the Singapore Blog Awards).

To find out more about the 6th Singapore Blog Awards this year, bookmark this link to the official website. Coming soon in a few days time. 🙂 

omy.sg Launches GoSocial with Guerilla Street Pole-Dance Performances

Notice anything different on omy.sg lately?

We added a new section in our main navigation bar – GoSocial!

Content will be predominantly in English, very different from the other content sections in omy.sg. I will be contributing articles on GoSocial , hence do show some love by bookmarking the landing page; visit it daily and share what interests you. 🙂

GoSocial on omy.sg!
GoSocial on omy.sg!

More information about GoSocial:

From tongue-in-cheek opinion pieces on social media trends to choice picks of the hottest viral content, GoSocial aims to provide readers with fun and informative reads on the “need-to-know” in social media today. With new features such as “Trending on Twitter”, “Trending on Google”, and “Trending on YouTube”, users will be able to see the latest trending topics in Singapore at a quick glance.

In line with the launch of GoSocial, omy.sg conducted a “social experiment” to observe public reactions towards unusual sights around them, and the corresponding follow-up effect on social media. On 23 and 24 November, three pole performers from popular local pole-fitness studio Acro Polates hit the bustling streets of Shenton Way and Orchard Road, strolling along like the rest of the crowd, but suddenly launching into impressive pole-fitness stunts at busy traffic junctions using street sign posts.

While the unexpected performances surprised passers-by initially, most people recovered fast enough to whip out their mobile phones to take photos and videos. Within hours after the performances ended, photos and videos of these guerilla performances were spotted on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, shared by different members of the public. In order to gauge the reach of these social media content, omy.sg has called for members of the public who shared the pole-dancing performances on their social media accounts to come forth for a chance to win prizes.

Seen on Facebook via EDMW Love Singapore

Apart from exploring the hottest trends on social media, omy.sg’s newest section GoSocial will also feature articles, photos and videos that are worth sharing, and encourage readers to “go social” with what they read.

Lee Kuan Fung, Associate Editor, omy.sg, said: “Since the widespread adoption of social media, users’ reading habits have changed. People are no longer just reading from singular sources, but instead taking in an array of information based on what their social media communities are sharing and talking about. With GoSocial, we are providing a one-stop service for local readers to keep abreast of social media news that they might have missed. Having said that, social media works best when we have contributions from different communities, so omy.sgwill also be on the lookout for contributors with unique perspectives to be guest writers for the section via our Star Writers Programme.”

omy.sg turns five with a brand new look!

Notice anything different when you visited omy.sg since Saturday (1 Sep)?

We got a brand new look:

The brand new omy.sg
The brand new omy.sg

The team has put in much effort into this. Do support us and find out how you can win for yourself, a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1! More details are available on omy.sg.

Here’s the official media release sent out last Friday:

Singapore, 31 August 2012 – omy.sg, the leading bilingual-friendly news and entertainment web portal by Singapore Press Holdings (SPH), turns five this year. It will celebrate the occasion with a brand new look from 1 September.

The revamped omy.sg website features new navigators in both English and Chinese, providing readers with a more user-friendly interface that enhances their web-surfing experience on the site.

The new look will feature omy.sg’s synergy with SPH’s suite of Chinese newspapers and products such as Lianhe Zaobao, Lianhe Wanbao, Shin Min Daily News, My Paper and UFM100.3 more prominently.

Lee Kuan Fung, Head of Digital Strategy, Chinese Newspapers Division, said: “As the leading Chinese news publisher in Singapore, we are constantly exploring ways to innovate our products with technological and lifestyle developments. omy.sg serves a strategic purpose in SPH’s family of Chinese products, acting as a bridge and introductory platform of our product offerings to readers who are more attuned to digital content.”

To create a better advertising solution for both readers and advertisers, omy.sg is also introducing a new “ICE BOX” banner format. ICE stands for Interactive Content-driven Engagement. This new format allows advertisers to deliver their advertising messages in a less abrupt, less intrusive, but more interactive, content-rich and engaging way by dividing a standard banner into three customisable sections.

Advertisers can choose to place video commercials, Facebook LIKE boxes, Twitter Feeds or even LIVE product feeds to showcase their latest sales offerings. This presentation also allows readers to get pertinent advertising messages at a glance without multiple layers of navigation through web pages.

To celebrate its “rebirth”, omy.sg will be holding an interactive photo contest for users to submit entries via Twitter and Instagram, where the grand prize winner will walk away with a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. More details are available on omy.sg.

A group of popular bloggers familiar with omy.sg through its various social media and blogging events will join in the celebrations with their individual stories of how omy.sg has played a part in their blogging journeys and daily lives. Apart from the bloggers, Radio DJs from UFM100.3 are also contributing videos with their congratulatory messages for omy.sg’s new move towards being a better news and infotainment portal for our readers. The videos will be posted on omy.sg from 3 September.

omy.sg currently enjoys over 15 million page views and is visited by over 550,000 unique visitors each month. It is available on mobile via two apps – omy News and omy Showbiz – on both Android OS and Apple iPhone.