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Punggol East By-Election – Results Prediction

Our Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong had made up his mind to call for a by-election for Punggol East SMC.

At 4pm today, President Tony Tan Keng Yam issued a writ of election setting Nomination Day for next Wednesday (16 Jan). Polling day would be on 26 Jan.

Following the ““Palmer-Gate” incident, many opposition parties have claimed they will be sending candidates to contest Punggol East SMC if there is a by-election.

Here is my results prediction for a six-corner fight if all those who expressed interest proceed to contest:

What do you think?

It will be interesting to see how many of the opposition parties will really follow through to send a candidate on Nomination Day. Talk is cheap. Election deposit is S$16k.

Workers’ Party VS People’s Action Party: 1-0

No, I am not weighing in on the PAP town councils vs WP town council AIM saga. Enough has been written about the incident by prominent online figures like Yawning Bread, Cherian George, Tan Kin Lian and Tan Cheng Bock. I am not so chim.

Compare these two pictures below:

WP MPs performing on stage (Click to enlarge)
WP MPs performing on stage (Click to enlarge)
PAP MP Dr Teo Ho Pin performing on stage (click to enlarge)
PAP MP Dr Teo Ho Pin performing on stage (click to enlarge)

Over the weekend, the WP MPs performed on stage for their first ever variety show, Bricks in Blue to raise funds for new, bigger party headquarters.

All the Facebook and social media shares I saw online were positive, praising the WP MPs for their fun spirit and gameness to entertain.

In contrast, whenever any PAP MP try to do something fun or engage in some performances, the online comments are almost 90% nasty and poking of them. Some even become “classics jokes” like Minister Lim Swee Say dressed as Zorro. Anyone still remember the P65? This is the first ever PAP “hip hop band” of which the now notorious Michael Palmer was formerly a dance member.

Even before social media like Facebook was popular, Singaporeans had a field day poking fun of the P65 dance video.

Why ah?

Why WP dance and perform on stage = cool, stylo-milo and humble; but PAP dance and perform on stage = wayang, childish and nothing betting to do?

Fellow Singaporeans! Why you all so unfair one?

English TV Political Broadcast of All Political Parties in Singapore GE 2011

You can watch and compare all the parties by their own merit. I have arranged the videos from the party contesting the most seats to the least.

People’s Action Party’s Lee Hsien Loong

National Solidarity Party’s Tony Tan Lay Thiam

Workers’ Party’s Pritam Singh

Singapore Democratic Party’s Tan Jee Say

The Reform Party’s Kenneth Andrew Jeyaretnam

Singapore Democratic Alliance’s Harminder Pal Singh

Singapore People Party’s Chiam See Tong:

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Word clouds: PAP manifesto vs WP manifesto

I learnt how to use Wordle.net to create word clouds today and thought to compare the PAP Manifesto 2011 with the Workers’ Party Manifesto 2011. Can you spot the differences?

PAP Manifesto 2011:

Wordle: PAP Manifesto 2011Workers’ Party Manifesto 2011:

Wordle: Workers' Party Manifesto 2011I generated a word cloud from the PAP Manifesto 2006 too:

Wordle: PAP Manifesto 2006Just for the sake of comparison. 🙂 It is interesting that certain words in the WP manifesto have not appeared at all on the PAP manifestos.