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You SUCK at Photoshop

Here are two very funny photoshop tutorials done by a guy called Donny Hoyle who tells you in your face that you suck at photoshop. The truth is, you must really really SUCK at photoshop if you have to learn these tricks from a loser like Donny.

Check out his videos:

I think these are cool videos to forward to your friends when they catch you in a bad mood and yet persist to consult you on the most mundane effects or tricks in photoshop.

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Bob Staake’s Unusual Illustration Method

Bob Staake
Taken from Bob Staake’s website

Bob Staake is a children book illustrator who draws pictures in the most amazing manner. He uses just a mouse and the very outdated Photoshop 3.0.

Check out this video demonstration of his drawing process:

All his illustrations are formed via combinations and subtractions of shapes and lines. It looks like a very tedious process to me! Yet at the same time, I marvel at his works because of their beautiful geometries and Staake’s solid understanding of shapes.

In the age of digital art, artists are prone to obsessively keep themselves updated on the latest design software development. Yet here’s one guy who can show that old technology does not equate to bad art. You just have to get your fundamentals right. Rock on dude!~

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