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Alvinology wins a Silver at W3 Award 2010

Notice something different on my blog masthead?

I won a Silver Award for this year’s W3 Award for Project R – the wedding proposal I pulled off on this blog.

This came as great news, shortly after Rachel and I just celebrated our first anniversary cum shared birthday on 26 October.

Here’s the press release on the award win via omy.sg, Singapore Press Holdings:

omy.sg wins two Silvers in the 2010 W³ Awards

Singapore, 4 November 2010 omy.sg, the bilingual news and interactive web portal of Singapore Press Holdings, was awarded two Silvers in the 2010 W3 Awards. The winners were announced by the International Academy of the Visual Arts (IAVA) last month.

omy.sg secured a Silver for its Project R: wedding 2.0 (http://blog.omy.sg/alvinology/project-r) in the Viral Marketing – Blog category, and a Silver for its website (http://omy.sg) in the Website Features – Structure and Navigation category.

Entries were judged on a ten point scale by the judges. The highest award was Best in Show, followed by Gold and Silver. A category may have multiple winners, or no winners at all.

Websites were judged on their creativity, usability, navigation, functionality, visual design, and ease of use. Entries for the Marketing category, on the other hand, were judged by their creativity, impact, messaging, copywriting, and use of medium.

Associate Editor Lee Kuan Fung said: “We are honoured by the recognition from IAVA, one of the most respected associations around. Omy.sg will continue to break new grounds in providing the best value and highest quality for our users and advertisers.”

The W³ Awards honours creative excellence on the web, and recognises the creative and marketing professionals behind award winning sites, videos and marketing programs. It is judged by the IAVA, an invitation-only body consisting of leading professionals from various disciplines of the visual arts. This year, it received more than 3,000 entries in the various categories. For more information, please refer to http://www.w3award.com.

Issued by Singapore Press Holdings Ltd
Co. Regn. No. 198402868E

Thanks for the recognition IAVA. 🙂

On another note, some shameless plugging again – Rachel and I need your help to vote for one of our photo (daily if possible as they allow for one vote every 24 hours) for Citi Mobile’s “Take Your Bank Anywhere” Photo Contest to help us win a trip to anywhere in the World.

To vote, you need to click LIKE on the Citibank Singapore Facebook fan page first. Following which you can go to this page and vote for our photo titled “Checking out the nearest Citibank Gourmet Pleasure at ONE°15 Marina Club!”:

It's the picture with the yachts, don't vote wrongly! Thank you! :)
It's the picture with the yachts, don't vote wrongly! Thank you! 🙂

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Alvin and Rachel needs your help to win a trip to anywhere in the world for their first anniversary!

Rachel and I are eyeing this prize...
Rachel and I are eyeing this prize...

Out of fun, I submitted some of the photos Rachel and I took during our yacht trip a few days ago for Citi Mobile’s “Take Your Bank Anywhere” Photo Contest.

We were delighted to discover two of our photos to be among those short-listed in the top 50. Now, we need your help to vote for one of our photo (daily if possible as they allow for one vote every 24 hours) to help us win a trip to anywhere in the World.

This will be the perfect round-up to the one year anniversary of my proposal and also a perfect shared birthday present for us this year (we both share the same birth date on 26 October and I also proposed on the same date last year).

To vote, you need to click LIKE on the Citibank Singapore Facebook fan page first. Following which you can go to this page and vote for our photo titled “Checking out the nearest Citibank Gourmet Pleasure at ONE°15 Marina Club!”:

Vote for Alvinology - Vote for this picture hor, don't click wrongly :)
Vote for Alvinology - Vote for this picture hor, don't click wrongly 🙂

You can cast one vote every 24 hours. If you can spare the time, Rachel and I will sincerely appreciate your help to vote for us all the way till 15 November when the voting ends. If not, no worries, you are still a dear friend to us. 🙂

Phantom Facebook User Spotted
Phantom Facebook User Spotted

Actually, from my experience organising online voting contests, there are many professional contest junkies out there who create gazillions of phantom accounts for voting purposes. Case-in-point: just look at this screen grab – a particular faceless “Nur Hidayah” already have 5 such accounts showing on the Citibank Singapore fan page home.

Nonetheless, Rachel and I shall try to play this fair and square. Hopefully, our friends and the readers of this humble blog can help us create a miracle.

Thank you very much in advance! Regardless if we win or not, Rachel and I appreciate your help.

On a side note, my unique online wedding proposal, Project R, won me (and omy.sg) a Silver for this year’s W3 Award in the Viral Marketing – Blog category.

The W³ is sanctioned and judged by the International Academy of the Visual Arts, an invitation-only body consisting of top-tier professionals from a “Who’s Who” of acclaimed media, interactive, advertising, and marketing firms. IAVA members include executives from organizations such as Coach, Disney, The Ellen Degeneres Show, Estee Lauder, HBO,  Polo Ralph Lauren, Sotheby’s Institute of Art, Victoria’s Secret, Wired, Yahoo! and many others.

I hope I can continue my winning streak after a series of bad luck recently by winning this Citibank contest too.

Good luck Alvinology!

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金表,一起度过黄金岁月 Gold Watches for Golden Memories

Gold watches for golden memories
Gold watches for golden memories

Today is 26 October 2010. A year ago, I proposed to my dear wife, Rachel Chan, on the very same day.

Rachel and I both share the same birthday (though I am two years older than her). It was partly for this reason that I chose to propose to her on this special day.

Shopping together at Mustafa a few hours ago, I bought a pair of matching vintage gold coloured Casio watches for the two of us.

Thank you for the golden memories over the past year my dear wife. We have many more years ahead and I look forward to growing old together with you. 🙂

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Merry Christmas

Sharing food with the toys in my room :)
Sharing food with the toys in my room for Christmas 🙂

Although I am not a Christian, I enjoy Christmas being a joyous occasion where everyone is in a giving spirit. Merry Christmas everyone! 🙂

On a separate note, I apologise for the infrequent and inconsistent updates to this blog recently. Am quite busy lately. Here’s just a few items

1. Planning and preparation for my traditional wedding ceremony and banquet next year on 12 June: Rachel and I are trying to DIY most of the stuff, hence more time and effort is needed.

2. Planning for our solemnisation ceremony: We are attempting something no one else in Singapore has done before. We are 99 percent ready. There’s one final hurdle though – I need to get a deferment for my ICT which coincides with the dates. I will fill everyone on the details once this final hurdle is cleared. Anyone has experience getting an ICT deferment for wedding or solemnisation? What are the odds for success? I am still waiting for a reply from MINDEF which will take will more than two weeks and I am very jittery over the outcome as I do not have enough time to appeal if it’s rejected.

3. Moving house – I am moving out of my home for over 20 years next year, just before Chinese New Year. There’s a lot of packing to be done.

4. I need to lose weight for the wedding.

The list goes on.

Hence please bear with me if there’s a lag in update. I will still try my best to maintain one post a day (excluding weekends and public holidays). I appreciate the support from everyone who has been following this blog regularly. Do continue to support Alvinology. 🙂

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Project R in the media

Project R was reported in the two evening Chinese newspaper, Shin Min Daily and Lianhe Wanbao yesterday (27 Oct). You can read the article HERE via omy.sg. There’s also a vodcast covering the proposal process and photo gallery in the omy.sg article. 🙂

Shin Min news report on 27 Oct 2009
Shin Min news report on 27 Oct 2009
Wanbao cover page - 27 Oct 2009
Wanbao cover page - 27 Oct 2009
Wanbao inside article

Rachel and I also went on air at Radio 100.3 last evening at 7pm with radio deejays, Anna and Ken. Here’s the interview if you missed it (I edited away the songs and commercials):

Rachel and I have both been receiving well-wishes aplenty since yesterday and we are both thankful and appreciative that so many people care for us.

I know this proposal is not perfect and some have voiced concern that it’s a tad gimmicky and I seem to be using “gatecrashing” tactics on Rachel. To clarify, I spent three months planning the execution of the proposal so that everything would go smoothly. Would a person playing hard to get put in so much effort?

I wanted Rachel to have an enjoyable time solving the clues instead of feeling like she is being “sabo-ed”. For instance – I knew Rachel had classes that day, and had planned the clues such that she can solve them quickly during the lunch break and continue after her lesson ends at 5pm. Transport arrangements were also made for her so she did not have to run around tired and sweaty. The collaborators who helped me also knew about this and were helping to manage the timing.

Both Rachel and I are not fans of cheesy gate-crashing and ragging where the groom is made to do silly, meaningless things like putting underwear on his head or drinking questionable fluids, in the name of fun. That’s why I paired a resolution and a gift with each clue. The last thing I want is to humiliate and shame the love of my life on the day of proposal day.

Having said that, as both Rachel and I are work for a media company, we understand the workings of the mass media and communication. Hence, we are taking both positive and negative comments (and headlines) in our stride. Our mood hasn’t been affected at all and we are just glad to have each other. The only reason why I am blogging about this is because some of our good friends expressed concern. 🙂

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Project R: A success!

Thank you everyone! 🙂

A quick update. Rachel said yes to the Project R proposal yesterday night at Relish restaurant. 🙂

Rachel and I would like to thank everyone who made this union possible. I would particularly like to thank Mark, Meiyen, Wei Chian, Rachel’s parents and my parents, Han Joo and the rest of the omy.sg team, Josh from Advertlets.com, Uzyn from Ping.SG, Lai Chow from Youth.SG, all the bloggers and friends who helped viral my proposal message yesterday.


Here are some screen grabs I managed to capture of the buzz yesterday. I did not manage get screen grabs of the banner run on Youth.SG, Ping.SG and Advertlets.com. If you have them, please email them to me. If I missed your blog entries, can also drop me an email or just post a comment below.

omy.sg home page
omy.sg home page
Banner tiles across omy.sg
Twitter - #alvinandrachel
Me, spreading the proposal on facebook
Me, spreading the proposal on facebook
Facebook well-wishes
Facebook well-wishes
Holly Jean's blog
Boon Ming's blog
Darren Ang's blog
Chim Kang's blog
Daniel Hii's blog
Daniel Hii's blog
Yong Wei's blog
Grace's blog

FYI, the story was picked up by Shin Min Daily and Lianhe Wanbao for tonight’s paper (27 Oct) – can grab a copy of each to read more. Rachel and I will also be accepting a radio interview on Radio 100.3 later in the evening at 6pm. Do tune in. 🙂

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Project R: Wedding Proposal 2.0

Thank you for visiting my humble blog. 🙂

Whether you are a regular reader or a first time visitor, I, Alvin Lim (Alvinology) needs your help.

You see, I was racking my brain juices for the past month, thinking of the best way to propose to my girlfriend of two years, Rachel Chan. How should a self-professed geek like me propose?

Online of course!

Rachel and I met working at an online portal, Youth.SG and our initial contacts were via long MSN sessions late at night. Even the solitaire ring I will be proposing with is bought online.

That’s how Project R came about: Project Rachel.

Here’s how you can help me:

Being a firm supporter and user of online social media, I am leaving my happiness to everyone to viral this message below to my wife-to-be:

“Rachel, will you marry me? I am waiting for your answer at a secret location. To find me, you need to unlock a series of clues which showcase my five resolutions to you. The first clue is in a video posted on my blog. I will be waiting for you till you show up.”

You can help me spread this on your blog, twitter, facebook, friendster of whatever other social media channels as long as it reaches people who knows Rachel personally and can inform her about this. If you know Rachel personally, you can do the same plus SMS, MMS, email her so she is swarmed with hundreds of proposal messages. A thousand and one proposal messages will be romantic isn’t it? Just leave the number 1001 for me.

Right-click to save
Right-click to save

If you wish to provide me with additional support for this wedding proposal, here’s a banner I have created for you to post on your blog, websites or anywhere else online and link back to this blog.

Oh! Btw, if you are wondering why I chose to propose on this date, 26 October happens to be both, Rachel and my birthday.

I will be carrying my laptop around and will be LIVE updating everyone on the progress via this blog and my Twitter account, including uploading photos and information about my five resolutions as Rachel solves them one by one.

Wish me luck and a big thank you to all!

Alvin would especially like to thank omy.sg, Ping.SG, Advertlets.com and Youth.SG for providing me with precious web banners today for this proposal.

I would also like to thank all my friends and colleagues who helped me to plan and execute this wedding proposal – you know who you are, I will not reveal your names now so as not to spoil the surprise for Rachel.


Resolution 1 Solved:

Alvin promises to pamper and love Rachel, paying close attention to all her needs and whims.

Q: The message is embedded in the video above.

A: “Look for your closest colleague” – Wei Chian.

Alvin presents Rachel: A portrait he painstakingly hand drawn with attention to the smallest details.

Resolution 2 Solved:

Alvin promises Rachel a lifetime of adventures, just like that sweet old man in their favourite movie, UP.

Q: Someone in omy

A: Connie Woo who shares the same birthday with Rachel and Alvin.

Photo album

Alvin presents Rachel: A photo album detailing the three countries they traveled together to – Japan, Thailand and Taiwan.

Resolution 3 Solved:

Alvin promises to lavish and shower Rachel with gifts, presents and all that money can buy.

Q: Someone who taught you before.

A: Alvin’s mom who taught Rachel dressmaking.

Alvin presents Rachel: A joint account, Alvin’s two other bank accounts. Alvin’s money is now also Rachel’s money.

Resolution 4 Solved:

Alvin promises to keep the romance alive in his relationship with Rachel, even when they are old and wrinkly.

Q: Someone who we traveled with before.

A: Mark and Meiyen who went Japan with us early this year.

Alvin presents Rachel: A bouquet of flowers. Yes, it’s cliche, but it is still romantic.

Resolution 5 Solved:

Alvin promises to grow old with Rachel. Please be mine. 🙂

Solitaire ring

Alvin presents Rachel: A diamond ring.

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