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Quoteworthy – Pritam Singh, MP for Aljunied GRC

MP for Aljunied GRC, Pritam Singh (image via StraitsTimes.com)
MP for Aljunied GRC, Pritam Singh (image via StraitsTimes.com)

Extracted from MP for Aljunied GRC, Pritam Singh’s speech, delivered at the Committee of Supply debate on 11 March 2013:

“Today, Singaporean males have accepted that they can be called up for NS for up to 40 days a year for 10 years, and that is after they have completed their 2-year full-time NS stint. The point about NS is that Singaporean males do not just serve 2 years of NS, they serve a 10-year NS training cycle when they enter the workforce as well. While it may be operationally and bureaucratically inefficient to get new citizens to serve full-time NS for two years, it is not in the realm of imagination to conceive of new citizens up to the age of 30, serving a 10-year NS cycle till they are 40 years old, which is the current statutory age limit of service for many Singaporean NSmen.”

Spot on.

It is not just two years okay. It is freaking two + ten over years of disruptive reservist, IPPT, RT, IPT, silent/ open mobilisation and the need to apply for an exit permit every time I travel. For over a decade after I ORD, I am still unable to keep long hair; have to buy and keep an extra handphone with no camera features; and experience many other inconveniences of being a part-time soldier. These may seem insignificant individually, but is a major annoyance when you put everything together.

Every year during my birthday, the first one to greet me is always MINDEF, sending me a warning SMS to take/pass my IPPT or get charge.

I am not a full time soldier and I dislike being one.

Ten years is an awfully long time to do something one dislikes. How many ten years are there in one’s life?

Time I can spend with my son, time I can spend developing my hobby or career, I waste them in camp doing stupid guard duties.

It is time to level the playing field don’t you think?

No amount of monetary reward is going to buy back ten years of my life. Get it?

MP Pritam Singh FTW (though as usual, I doubt MINDEF would give two hoot).

Alvinology is back from Japan

The two weeks break was refreshing! I reached Singapore at around 5pm yesterday. The first SMS to greet me when I return was this one below:

SMS from my best friend
Welcome home SMS from my best friend

Fxxxk! MINDEF again!

RT is going to start the following Sunday. Sibei sian

Before I flew off on the night of 1 February at around 1am, I had to be on standby and stay at home the whole day on 31 January (Saturday) to wait for a silent mobilisation exercise. It came at around 1pm and I had to rush all the way back to Changi Naval Base in uniform just to sign my name. Never mind if it’s the Chinese New Year period and that I am in the midst of packing for my flight in a few hours time.

Before I leave for a holiday, SAF must disturb me with a mobilisation exercise, when I return back, SAF must disturb me again with a RT reminder. Totally spoils my mood through and through.

Call me a disloyal and disgruntled Singaporean if you want: Reservist, RT and all the hassle about National Service is one of the reasons I am seriously contemplating to migrate or seek employment in another country for good.

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It’s that time of the year again…

My all-time least favourite attire
My all-time least favourite attire

Sibei sian! 😦

I have to report back to camp in a few hours time. In case you are wondering, yes, it’s reservist again. It’s that time of the year when I feel very sad to be a Singapore born male.

Goodbye civilised world, I will only be released three weeks later on 12 December. Till then, don’t miss me too much.This blog will still be updated daily, but via archived entries.

My 2nd ICT (16 Jan to 3 Feb)

CDS at work
picture taken from USMC

“A Ah O Ah Infantry…”

Sian man. Tomorrow morning must report for In-Camp-Training (ICT) again. It’s THREE LONG WEEKS this time. Three weeks in robot mode to cope with the irritating regimentation. I will definitely take a long time to recover from the brain damage incurred during the period. Sigh.

I hope I won’t encounter any of those no-life regulars who still think they are the most powerful beings in the universe – it’s only in your G.I. Joe land that you guys have such power dude, outside, you and I are the same human beings.

Anyway, bye peeps!~

I will be back again on 3 February.

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My first reservist ICT

Changi Naval Base
Changi Naval Base (picture taken from Erik’s flickr album)

I finally got home last Saturday at around 5pm after a 6 days ICT.

My reservist unit is Changi Defense Squadron and our job is to guard Changi Naval Base. Basically, duties involve vehicle checks, scanning for bomb threats, sentry posts, prowling, etc – very much like professional security guards.

Glad that quite a few other old NSF buddies from Tuas Naval Base were posted to the same unit as me. I made some new friends too. This is the enjoyable part of reservist, catching up with old friends and making new friends.

The bad part is the regimentation.

I find it especially irritating that some of the SAF regulars still have not ‘wake up their idea’ that when guys like me go back for reservist – we see it as doing the nation a favour and we serve because we love our nation, Singapore – not SAF and not because we want a career as a soldier. We do not appreciate getting scolded with vulgar words, and being treated like low-lives by these idiots who signed up because they cannot-make-it-in-the-outside-world and who thinks that RANK is EVERYTHING.

Please lah… once out of uniform, you and I are all fellow Singaporeans trying to make a living. It’s only because I respect the Singapore flag that I call you ‘Sir’ and salute you. Respect from your men has to be earned, and I think most army regulars do not deserve respect because they only know how to pull ranks instead of leading by example.

Having said that, I do appreciate my unit CSM and other good, regular soldiers who appreciate the sacrifices NSmen have to make to accommodate for their career as well as work-life balance and pay us the due respect. To these people, I give them my utmost respect in return and will gladly follow through the orders pass down from them.

I hope more SAF regulars can learn to think this way too.

Anyway, more about my ICT…

The exercise itself is not siong as we only have to do prowling. However, the living condition was atrocious as we have no proper shower facilities and sanitation. The toilets were broken and cannot flush – imagine the stink after four days with 30 men using them! We also don’t get to shower everyday as there is no shower point near our base camp.

The food from Singapore Food Industries (SFI) was as usual – horribly bad. They served us with fried food covered with extremely generous serving of chilli sauce for practically every single lunch and dinner. Weather was scorching hot lor… eat these already such lao sai one. How come they never think about it?

One lesson I learn after this ICT – not to keep deferring.

Eventually, I will still need to complete whatever I deferred. Better to clear them now while I am still young.

One down, 9 more high-key to go.

Bless me.

Oh, and it’s back to work today.

Quite jittery to open up my mailbox and see the explosion of incoming emails… afterall, I am a civilian, not a full-time soldier.

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