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Dizzy Alvin

Tasmanian Devil

Picture via wikipedia

My head has been spinning like the Tasmanian Devil in Loony Toons cartoons for the past week. Although I am fine physically, I have to move around very slowly because my sense of balance is affected.

It all started last Sunday morning when I woke up at 5am to drive my parents to the airport for their Taiwan trip. At first, I thought it was due to a lack of sleep and I promptly jumped into my bed once I return home. It didn’t help at all when I woke up again during late noon. In fact, the dizziness got worse and I couldn’t walk straight.

I went to my neighborhood clinic and saw the local GP who gave me some tablets which will supposedly help control the dizziness. The doctor told me it was probably an ear infection which can result in a temporal impediment to my sense of balance. He said it was something quite common and should go away in a day or two, but gave me one day MC for Monday nevertheless.

I did not report for work on Monday and stayed at home to nurse the dizziness which did not get any better.

On Tuesday, I went back to office and went to see our in-house GP during lunch. This other doctor elaborated on the ear infection and suggested that it could have been caused by my frequent swim lately. He advised me to wear ear plugs when I go swimming next time and not to do any exercises for the next few days. Again, he assured me that this dizziness is quite common and should go away in a few days by itself. He prescribed some tablets called “Vertigon” to help with the dizziness.

Today, it’s Tuesday again. More than a week already, and I am still feeling dizzy. In fact, I almost knocked my head into the cupboard yesterday morning. When I woke up, I could not catch my balance as I stepped down from my bed and lost a footing.

Any kind soul out there knows what’s wrong with me? Do you have any remedies to share?

I sincerely welcome any advices as I have a feeling another visit to the GP probably won’t do any good and it will be abruptly brushed off again as something that will heal itself in a few days.

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Super Shitty Day – the Day After

Update on my previous post on super shitty 28 July 2007.

Well, it is 29 July 2007 now. The day after.

My eMac is still down. The Apple Service Centre is closed on Sundays. I guess I will have to call back tomorrow.

As for me, I couldn’t sleep the whole of last night due to the nagging pain in my throat. To make things worse, while I was actively soothing my throat by downing mug after mug of warm water, I was also actively losing fluid through my nose which was running like a broken tap. Liquid in from one channel, liquid out immediately from another channel.

I eventually gave up trying to sleep and tried to entertain myself by watching the FRIENDS DVDs that my sister lent me.

Friends Title
Not recommended for viewing when you are sick

It made me feel even worse. Somehow, when you are sick, canned laughter and corny jokes make you sicker. I wanted to strangle the Joey Tribiani and Chandler Bing characters after watching three continuous episodes.

I tried to do some reading after that. It was a Chinese book about China’s Last Emperor, Aisin-Gioro Pu Yi‘s later stage in life as a commoner under the communist regime. The book was an interesting read, but a tat too heavy for a sick person. Plus my mucus keep dripping on the book which is super gross.

Eventually, I spent the rest of my time tossing and turning in bed, trying to sleep in spite of the nagging pain.

When it was finally 8.30am (the time the clinic opens), I rush off to see the doctor.

As I was early, the consultation session went fast. I was prescribed with the usual flu tablets, lozenges for the throat, a bottle of cough syrup, antibiotics and a weird ‘detox’ mouth gargle. I supposed the latter is to help keep my mouth clean to prevent further infection to my pathetic throat.

Oh, and I was given two days MC for today and tomorrow. Hence I won’t be working tomorrow. Not really a good thing as I have work to clear before I fly off to Bangkok this Thursday. Sigh.

On top of my work, I still have to worry about my stupid IPPT and video editing that needs to be completed asap (dependent on the status of my equally sick eMac).

Hopefully, I can have a speedy recovery before Wednesday so I can go sit for my IPPT. I seriously cannot imagine having to waste another month going through the boring and time-consuming RT regime again.

Get well soon Alvinology.

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Super Shitty Day


I have a very bad day today.

First off, I am sick again! I seem to have a strange habit of falling sick every single weekend. Only this time, it’s more severe than just a bit of morning sinus and slight sore throat. My throat is burning and my nose is leaking mucus like a dripping tap. Totally feel like shit right now.

To make things WORSE, when I was using my eMac to find some information on the nearest company-affiliated clinic to visit tomorrow, it CRASHED!

My Poor eMac

Here’s how my sick eMac looks like now

Double Fxxk!

Now I have two things to repair tomorrow – myself and my eMac.

Both crashes couldn’t have occur at a more opportune time.

I am flying off to Bangkok this Thursday and I certainly don’t want to travel sick. I also have a stupid IPPT scheduled on this coming Wednesday which I can’t afford to miss. Missing it will mean I have to redo the whole damn RT training again. I abso-fxxking-lutely hate the SAF! Fxxk RT and IPPT. I already served my two and a half years life sentence… can’t they just let me off after that?

On top of this, I also have to get some video editing to be completed just before I fly off. Now with my eMac down, I am really very worried about the deadline.

Damn it.

I hate today.

Hopefully when I wake up tomorrow morning, everything will be fine again.

Then I will be my normal self again – minus all the cursing and swearing.

Psst… Anybody have tips on repairing eMac? Do email me at alvin@youth.sg or drop me a reply below. Help is much appreciated. Thank you.

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