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Aaron Tan vs Steven Lim: Who is telling the truth?

Comedians, Steven Lim and Aaron Tan, featured in Lianhe Wanbao
Comedians, Steven Lim and Aaron Tan, featured in Lianhe Wanbao

The three news report below via omy.sg and Lianhe Wanbao made the Aaron Tan vs Steven Lim plot thicker than guni hun (powdered milk):

少年粗话辱骂 网络怪杰Steven Lim像狗(6 Feb 2012)
Aaron Tan insults Steven Lim in video, compares him to a dog

少年辱骂网络怪杰 怒父受不了要报警捉儿 (7 Feb 2012)
(Aaron Tan Insults Steven Lim – Aaron’s dad is so pissed with his son that he wants to report him to the police)

少年网络骂人事件 粗话男亲戚爆料:网络怪杰出万元找人骂自己猪狗 (8 Feb 2012)
(A relative of Aaron Tan alleged that Steven Lim had paid Aaron Tan a five figure sum to pretend and insult him to gain publicity)

In summary, Aaron Tan was reported to have been chased out of his house by his dad after the first news report about him insulting Steven Lim was featured in the newspapers. Aaron recorded the video pleading others not to bully him at the staircase outside his home.

Yesterday, a relative of Aaron Tan spoke to Wanbao and alleged that Aaron Tan was paid a  few hundred dollars by Steven Lim to make a video insulting him. Steven Lim also allegedly made Aaron Tan sign a non-disclosure-agreement, gagging Aaron Tan from going public about the arrangement.


Is Steven Lim the mastermind of all these just to gain publicity for himself?

Or is Steven Lim really the victim here, being called “ah gua” by Aaron Tan?

Or is Aaron Tan the victim?

Well, I am more upset there is very little likelihood of a “legal fight” occurring between the two comedians. It would be fun to watch. 😦

Links to my previous posts on the Aaron Tan vs Steven Lim saga:

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Aaron Tan vs Steven Lim

Aaron Tan Ask Everyone To Stop Bullying Him, Especially Steven Lim

Steven Lim vs Aaron Tan - keyboard warriors
Steven Lim vs Aaron Tan - keyboard warriors

It is likely there won’t be a fight between the two comedians, Steven Lim (yellow undies sushi man) and Aaron Tan (Priest from Bolok Town Secondrary). The latter seems to have chickened out.

Aaron just made a video pleading for everyone to stop bullying those who cannot speak proper English like himself:

Here are the links to the previous exchange of words between the two comedians:

Aaron Tan vs Steven Lim Part 1 – Aaron’s first video reply to Steven

Aaron Tan vs Steven Lim Part 2 – Steven jio Aaron to a “legal fight”

Frankly, I will be very disappointed and pissed if this online quarrel turns out to be a lame marketing campaign for “BigFish” which keeps getting mentioned in all the videos.

Steven Lim Is Jioing Aaron Tan To A Fight!

Steven Lim vs Aaron Tan gets serious
Steven Lim vs Aaron Tan gets serious

Steven Lim is not one to be messed with. Definitely not an “Ah Gua” like Aaron Tan has called him.

In response to Aaron Tan’s video insulting him, Steven Lim is now jioing Aaron to fight him in a legally organised fight match:

Downtown East Murder: 4 arrested, 6 still on the run

An update on the senseless Downtown East murder that happened last Saturday (via Straits Times.com):

THREE young men were charged in a district court on Wednesday with the Downtown East murder of a second-year Republic Polytechnic student last Saturday.

Ho Wui Ming, 20, Tang Jia Min, 21, and Chen Wei Zhen, 19, are accused of murdering Darren Ng Wei Jie, 19, at the main foyer of Downtown East at Pasir Ris Close between 5.30pm and 5.57pm.

Chen Wei Zhen
Chen Wei Zhen
Ho Wui Ming
Ho Wui Ming
Tang Jia Min
Tang Jia Min

They allegedly committed the offence with Edward Tay Wei Loong, 18, and several others while being part of an unlawful assembly.

Tay, who will be charged in hospital, had put up a struggle while trying to get away from the police and injured his head.

The prosecution asked for the trio to be remanded for further investigation. Ho, Tang and Chen will be back in court next Wednesday.

If convicted of murder, each of them faces the mandatory death penalty. Darren will be cremated on Wednesday afternoon.

The pictures with speech balloons of the three teens charged with murder, Ho Wui Ming, 20, Tang Jia Min, 21, and Chen Wei Zhen, 19, are taken from EDMW.

Ho Wui Ming, apparently has a blog. He was already in trouble with the law prior to this incident. He also has a Facebook account.

Nowadays, gangsters are tech-savvy. They write blogs and have accounts on social networking sites like Facebook. I was amazed at how much one can dig out about these gangsters just by staying at home and being a “keyboard warrior”.

Six of the Downtown East attackers are still on the run. News reports mentioned heavily tattooed teens among the attackers. The three arrested teens spot no visible tattoos. I wonder if the attackers are among these photos of Wui Ming’s “brothers” that he posted on his blog – quite a few of them are heavily tattooed.

Anyway, I will end this blog post with a remembrance video which Darren’s friend, Jon L, had done for him:

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Beat It – Kids, Don’t Be A Hero 别做什么“少年英雄”

Teen slashed to death at Downtown East
Teen slashed to death at Downtown East

I saw this series of disturbing pictures via omy.sg today. A 19-year-old boy, Darren Ng Wei Jie, was slashed to death in a gang fight at Downtown East yesterday.

You can read more about the incident via omy.sg or Straits Times.com.

The victim is said to be a third year at Republic Polytechnic. At this age, he has so much going for him in life. Now it’s all a blank.

The catalyst of the fight? A staring incident.

Goodness sake, the poor boy got himself killed because of staring? This is not the first such incident in Singapore.

Kids like to behave like heroes when they are in a group, emboldened by their peers. I was young before too, but I knew never to be a hero.

Kids, next time someone challenge you to a fight over some trivia issues, consider taking the the advice from the King of Pop, Michael Jackson – Beat It:

If you prefer a Hokkien version, this song,少年英雄, by Mark Lee (李国煌) shares the same advice:

China version of 少年英雄 with karaoke lyrics:

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