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It’s the Wedding Season

Wedding Cards Galore!
Wedding Cards Galore!

These few months seem to the wedding season for my circle of friends. I have been attending at least one wedding every week since a month ago and the momentum is going to continue till the end of the year.

One reason is the age – the average marriage age for Singaporean male is 29.8 and 27.2 for female (Wikipedia, 2007). My friends fit in these age brackets.

Another reason could be people trying to avoid getting married next year as it’s the year of the Tiger in the Chinese zodiac which is deemed inauspicious by some.

The chain of weddings are painful on the pocket with the Chinese’s penchant for lavish hotel banquets which entail customary ang pows from guests in order for the couple to cover their costs. If we were to ask me, the prices are probably highly inflated by the hotels and restaurants who profiteer from people’s willingness to give during the special occasion. At the end of everything, they are the one who stand to gain the most, not the couple who may even incur a hefty lost.

Rachel and I are now planning for our own wedding which should be in the middle of next year if all goes smoothly. It’s quite a chore, but we are also learning from our friends’ weddings as we attend them one by one. 🙂

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