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[Movie Review] Star Trek Into Darkness

I was first introduced to Star Trek in 2009 by J. J. Abrams‘ film adaptation of the long-running TV series of the same name.

This year, Abrams released another Star Trek film – Star Trek Into Darkness, featuring the two same lead actors, Chris Pine as James T. Kirk and Zachary Quinto as Spock. The two of them were really good in the first film and shared many tense screen moments. Expect more such moments in this sequel, pitting Kirk’s abrasive, emotion-driven nature against Spock’s rigid, emotionless state.

A new addition to the cast from the first film is British actor, Benedict Cumberbatch, as Khan, the arch nemesis of the Star Trek crew.

Rachel and I watched the preview together last week, thanks to the folks from United International Pictures. 

Both of us are big fans of the British TV series, Sherlock, which stars Cumberbatch as an ultra intelligent, eccentric detective in modern time London. In fact, he was the main draw for us.

Cumberbatch has limited screen time, but he has a really strong screen presence. Even though his character is decked in as simple black body suit, he look menacingly handsome as a super villain with his cold hard stare and towering posturing. This is one bad guy that many cinema-goers will find hard to hate!

Abrams did not disappoint either. The sci-fi genre just flows so naturally under his direction.  He managed to make all the sci-fi mumbo jumbo on time travel, alternate reality and other such topics simple and easy to digest for the regular cinema audience.

Rachel did not watch the first Abrams’ Star Trek film, nor a single episode of the TV series. She knows nothing about Star Trek, but enjoyed this latest film all the same.

Star Trek Into the Darkness is now showing in Singapore cinemas. Go catch it! Rachel and I are looking forward to the sequel to see more of Khan’s face-off with the Star Trek crew – provided the same talents are casted in the next film of course. All of them were great in the first two films. 🙂